Kylie Jenner kept her pregnancy with daughter Stormi private, but since the baby’s birth earlier this year, she and her family have been sharing some of the previously unknown details. This week, Stormi’s father, Travis Scott, opened up about being in the delivery room, admitting he was “nervous and scared” going into the experience.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, November 12, Scott revealed that Kris Jenner was a big help in getting him through the unfamiliar scenario. “She held me down because it was so scary,” he said. “She was walking me through this whole process. It’s like this thing called like the placenta that I’ve just been hearing about? … So, I was fearful of that, but I cut the umbilical cord, and she held it down — Mama KJ, She’s the best, man.”

Despite his nerves, Scott felt transformed when he held his daughter for the first time. “You know, we were just both, like, young,” Scott said. “But when you first have a baby in your arms, it’s just, like, it’s uncontrollable. It’s like this whole, like, warp that takes over your whole body. I never thought I could just, like, love something so hard, you know? It’s crazy.”

Kris Jenner previously revealed her involvement in the delivery room, saying on an episode of KUWTK that she was actually the one to deliver her granddaughter. “It was such a positive experience,” Kris said on an episode that aired in September, seven months after Stormi’s birth. “[Kylie] would go, ‘I’m not feeling any pain,’ and you’d see these contractions like crazy and she would go, ‘I’m just not feeling it,’ and I’m like, ‘This is really weird.’ She was so calm. I delivered the baby. I pulled her out.”

Stormi Webster will turn one year old in February.

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(photos via Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)