Finally! Sweats have arrived to the world of formal wear… well, kind of. If you know a guy who has always wanted to sport a tracksuit in lieu of a suit and tie, there’s a way to do both with the Traxedo. Yes, you read that right — it’s a tuxedo tracksuit and it’s hysterically awesome.

This low maintenance, painted-on tux might not be your wedding or wedding date‘s go-to, but this suit would be super cute for lounging, an easy costume or even a comical jog. Even though it’s a tracksuit, this is not a one-style-fits-all-events situation. The Traxedo actually comes in seven different looks: The Dutchman, Classic, Bubble, Irish, Flamingo, Red Dragon and Gentleman. And, as you are about to see, it does not just come in black.

Pick up your jaws and quit your tsk tsking, folks — the Traxedo was actually invented to be worn before the wedding, specifically at the bachelor party (though how fun would these be for the groomsmen to wear while getting ready?!). Traxedo founder John Hughes says this mythical wardrobe mashup came to him in a dream of sorts. He thought it was the real deal, but when it came time to buy one online, he couldn’t find it. NBD, he just teamed up with a designer friend of his and got it made himself. Talk about a DIY success story.

The Traxedo’s slogan is “When Smart Meets Casual” and, we have to agree that the style is smart for sure. We wouldn’t advise wearing this to a job interview, but we think it would be a prime look for a family Christmas card or engagement photos and, hey, some people really DO get married in them. #Mazel

For fellas or ladies, the Traxedo is kind of like going out while staying at home. Let’s face it: binge watching Netflix on your couch can be quite fancy. The Traxedo team aspires to create custom-made sets for events, teams and super fun wedding parties. Right now, their seven styles are each $60 and available to order online. Comfy dreams really *do* come true. Now about that wedding dress-yoga pant hybrid…

Would you wear or gift a Traxedo? Let us know what you think in the comments!