Hey y鈥檃ll, did you hear there鈥檚 an election happening right now? JK obviously, and we send a long-distance hug in sisterhood because GEEZ. No matter who your choice is, chances are you鈥檙e probably crying into your wine with anxiety and dread. And if you鈥檙e a Clinton supporter following the election results, there鈥檚 a new reason to freak out.

As the votes are getting tallied up, it looks as though Trump stands a real chance of winning Florida. Here鈥檚 what that means: Because of the state鈥檚 29 Electoral College votes, it鈥檚 a crucial power player in any presidential election, since a candidate needs 270 of these votes to get into office. While Trump could still technically win if he loses Florida, winning that high-stakes state means he has a much better chance of getting into the White House. Needless to say, Clinton supporters are losing their sh*t on every single social media platform. From Twitter, here鈥檚 a sample of people鈥檚 feelings about the candidate鈥檚 lead in this pivotal state:

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