Women who engineer really get us going, and women who engineer better bras for bustier women? It’s almost too much! It’s about time larger-chested ladies had the same support as everyone else when it comes to tank tops and summer dresses. New lingerie company Trusst is here to help out with that.


It’s a simple concept: Support your chest from under instead of from above (how conventional bra straps currently work). Trusst’s bras redistribute the weight of your lovely ladies and help take the pressure off your rib cage for a better-fitting, better-feeling bra… and no underwire. We repeat: no underwire!

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The fabric used to make the bras is anti-microbial and moisture wicking, making for one all-around badass bra that will get you through the day without any adjusting, hunching or yanking. Sizing starts at 28E and goes to 42K. The founders are #blessed women themselves and proudly share their own bra sizes in their bios. So you know the bras are made by a group of women who get it.

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The website offers three lovely styles ranging from the Marjory (a demi-cup t-shirt bra) to the Suzanne (trimmed with peekaboo lace) to the Jessica (a more supportive bralet). While they’ve reached their funding goal, you can pre-order any style through Kickstarter. Get excited to get some true support!

Which style do you like the most? Tell us in the comments!