If you didn’t hear, yesterday at the annual WWDC conference held in San Francisco, Apple announced a smorgasbord of new products and features. From new Macs to over 200 updates on the next version of iOS (the software that powers your iPhone), Apple has some sweet stuff coming to Apple fanboys and fangirls alike. (Ahem, that would be us.)

In the spirit of such an exciting announcement, we decided to dedicate today’s Tech of the Week to creative accessories inspired by Apple products. Unfortunately, you can’t find these in the Apple store, but we’ve listed links so that you can find and buy them online.

Apple Rainbow ($5) – For those of us who miss the classic rainbow logo.

Rainbow Keyboard ($13) – Because everyone needs a good dose of daily color. (We wish these came in Pantone shades!)

Floral Cover ($13) – We don’t think Steve would have liked this, but we’re loving the floral flair.

Floral Keyboard ($12) – It’s almost too pretty to type on!

Cufflinks w/Your Initials ($15) – A cool way to upcycle your keys into a custom cuff.

iNecklace ($75) and iCufflinks ($128) – People…THEY FREAKING GLOW!

Home Button Earrings ($15) – I’m seriously considering buying (or making) a pair of these.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. ($28) – Here’s proof that I own and love this tee.

Apple G4 Clock ($59) – This awesome clock is made out of the side cover of an old Apple G4.

App Icon Pillows ($20) – Yep, there’s a pillow for that.

App Icon Magnets ($7) – Just in case you can’t get enough apps in your life, try them on your refrigerator, too!

iPod Touch Blanket – This would make for a most excellent new picnic blanket. Unfortunately, the product is no longer available. Trademark issues, perhaps?

Classic Prints ($89+) – Frame up one of these classic prints from the original Apple icon designer, Susan Kare.

Chocolate iPhone – The Brit & Co. original.

iPhone App Cookies – Download, digest, repeat.

Macbook Cake – Yep, that’s right. A Macbook cake with a Twilight theme. It would be 10x cooler if they embedded an actual iPad in there and played the movie while they served the cake.

What other cool or quirky Apple-inspired products have you seen around the web? Shoot us links in the comments below or find us on Twitter.

Now, back to patiently waiting for our new Macbook Pros w/Retina Display…