I love art. All kinds of art. My problem is that there’s not one particular style that I love most. Thus, my apartment is a smorgasbord of photography, modern art, and all types of paintings. And my art attention span is that of a three-year-old – I move things around all the time. It’s hard for me to throw down serious money on artwork because I’m not sure if I’ll continue liking it for too long.

That’s why Turning Art is so genius. For $10 (small frames) or $30 (large frames), you can get a subscription to new art at a frequency you choose. It keeps things fresh, no matter if you are displaying it in a home or an office. It’s kind of like Netflix for art, but you get to keep it as long as you want. And if you get attached to it, you can buy it for a discount. So. Freaking. Cool.

And if you have friends over all the time, they will come to assume you are a regular old art collector. (It’s okay to keep them fooled.)