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44 TV Show Halloween Costumes That Bring the Small Screen to Life

We know you love your precious Netflix and chill time just as much as the next person. That’s why we’re positive that there’s a TV-character Halloween costume with your name on it. From Stranger Things and Scream Queens to Breaking Bad and Adventure Time, we invite you to dress up in whatever costume tickles your fancy this Halloween. These Halloween looks straight from the small screen are the answer to our TV-loving prayers.

1. Stranger Things: This costume is so badass. The time and effort that went into this super creative nod to one of the creepiest new TV shows out there has blown our Winona Ryder-loving minds.

2. Leela from Futurama: It’s such a trip to see Leela offscreen, in all her purple-haired cyclopean-babe glory. Once you’ve gotten the uni-eye and purple wig down pat, the rest of her look is super easy to DIY with a white tank and black tights.

5. The Simpsons: The Simpsons are an American TV-family classic, right down to their yellow-skin, googly eyes and spiky cartoon hair. We love the way this family brought Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa to life for Halloween, but WTF — where’s Maggie?!

6. Barb from Stranger Things: That’s right, we just can’t get enough of Stranger Things. The season’s hottest new show simply must be brought to life this Halloween night in as many ways as possible. So when it comes to Barb, is she dead or…?

Stewie and Brian Family Guy Halloween Costumes

7. Stewie and Brian from Family Guy: Oooh, now this is a truly inspired costume. Choosing the devious Stewie and his BFF/canine companion, Brian, will undoubtedly result in some mischievious undertakings this Halloween night. We’re talking some serious Trick-or-Treating, if you catch our drift. (Photo via Pinterest user Katy Robbins Alven)

Inspector Gadget Halloween Costume

8. Inspector Gadget: Sport a throwback to our younger years with this cartoon favorite. Hopefully, you’re up for a night full of complicated gadgets and some serious contraptions if you opt for this costumed character. (Photo via Flickr user Loren Javier)

Breaking Bad Halloween Costume

9. Breaking Bad: Amazing. Even their caption killed it: “Winnie. We have to cook.” So good. Sooooo good. (via reddit user WinnieFASA)

John Snow Game of Thrones Halloween Costume

10. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones: OMG. This costume would not be complete without the direwolf, and this dude totally killed it. Jon Snow is our favorite contender for the throne — who’s yours? (Photo via reddit user)


11. Zoidberg from Futurama: This has to be the best Futurama costume ever of the good doctor, Dr. Zoidberg. We are totally loving the garbage-themed photoshoot too. (Photo via reddit user Sarudesu)


12. Archer: Here he is again, our favorite spy slash space cadet. But can someone please include Lana in their Archer getup already? It’s just not the same without her. (Photo via imgur user Talotta)


13. Quagmire from Family Guy: Giggity giggity. Love him or hate him, Quagmire is a fixture on Family Guy, so we sure do hope to see him around this Halloween. That giant homemade head is a DIY dream, so get your art skillz on the ready. (Photo via imgur user arbili)

14. Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers: Duh, we all love this show. As the caption reads: “I’m no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time just like everybody else.” We’ll take it.

15. American Horror Story: Creepy much? Well, that’s exactly why this costume is kind of perfect for Halloween. Show some love for the show that reigned supreme (before Stranger Things totally stole its thunder).

16. Scream Queens: Here’s another super creepy nod to one of the hottest new shows around. You don’t have to dress as Chanel to have some fun on Halloween night — that tie though. Classic.


17. Arthur: Whoa — now here’s a throwback if we ever saw one. Channel Nick Jr.’s sweetest young vibes with some of our fave cartoon characters from childhood. (Photo via Buzzfeed )


18. Bob’s Burgers Family Costume: Best family costume ever. Your kiddos will never forget how cool their parents are if you can pull this one off. (Photo via Buzzfeed)


19. Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec: Amazing. We all know and love her, and we could really use some of Leslie’s quirky charm and goofy humor in our lives. (Photo via Sarahsmadworld)


20. Duck Dynasty: There isn’t much more we can say about this amazing li’l costume other than — wow. Shout out to the plastic cup detail that is hilariously accurate. (Photo via Buzzfeed)


21. Saved by the Bell: Channel your inner Slater, Kelly, Zach and Jessie with some sweet threads straight out of the late ’80s. Just don’t forget the old-school cell phone with an antenna bigger than your head. (Photo via Brit + Co)


22. Flo and Mayhem: Cross-commercial love <3 Now that’s good marketing. (Photo via Costume Works)

23. Patti Mayonnaise and Doug Funny: These two = YES. And is it weird that we would rock that polka dot sweater on the reg? (Photo via SheKnows and Pinterest)

24. Scrubs: If you and your friends are tied through blood, sweat and tears, maybe this costume is a good choice. It’s even better if you guys happen to be med students. (Photo via Imgur)

25. Paula Deen and Butter: This. Is. THE ABSOLUTE BEST! (Photo via Huffington Post)

26. Pretty Little Liars: The spooky show has earned a spot in our hearts, as does this costume. Will we ever know who truly is “A”? (Photo via Huffington Post)


27. Homer and Marge Simpson: Let’s call this one a new-age classic — and props to anyone willing to go through all that yellow bod paint! (Photo via Costume Works)

28. Adventure Time: The fun is never-ending with this costume inspired by some of our favorite cartoon characters on late-night TV. (Photo via Deviant Art)

29. Portlandia: This show is flush with couples costume possibilities. Candace and Toni from the feminist bookstore make the perfect couple. (Photo via Movement + Action)

Breaking Bad Couples Costume

30. Breaking Bad: Meth is super romantic, you know? Right… (Photo via Brit + Co)

31. Double Dare Contestants: OMG. How perfect is this? Especially if you rig your helmets so that they double as beer holders. (Photo via Buzzfeed)

32. The Bundys: The shoe salesman and the crimson-haired bombshell were the ’90s answer to Lucy and Ricky, and we loved their love-hate relationship. (Photo via On the Blog Bandwagon)

33. Mad Men Couple: Pearls and compartmentalized feelings are required. But you’ll look so good doing it. (Photo via Say Yes)

34. Alvin and the Chipmunks: This super cute and super ’90s costume couldn’t be easier to DIY. (Photo via Coolest Homemade Costumes)

TV Glee

35. Rachel Berry, Glee: Take yourself to a pre-Scream Queens Lea Michele and randomly break into song all night. Rachel Berry forever. (Photo via Theme Me)

36. Power Rangers: We’re sure you can easily buy these at any costume store, but where’s the fun in that? (Photo via The Superhero Costuming Forum)

TV Arrested Development

37. Arrested Development: Good luck choosing your favorite costume-worthy Bluth! And if you decide to go as Buster, don’t forget your marksmanship seal and sand-racing gorilla. (Photo via Moss and Mint)

White Pants Couples Costume

38. Tight White Pants: No idea why this is hilarious? It’s definitely a deep cut, straight from Jimmy Fallon’s archive on The Tonight Show. Featuring Fallon alongside folks like Will Ferrell and Jennifer Lopez, this series is extremely silly and makes little to no sense — and that’s why we like it. (Photo via Brit + Co)


39. Cast of Real Housewives: Put on your best dress, pop a bottle and sharpen your claws for this costume. Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without a fight between feuding housewives. (Photo via Brit + Co)

40. Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree: If you grew up with painting pro Bob Ross telling you how to paint “happy little trees,” then you’ll probably feel a bit nostalgic with this one. The costume can be a solo act or a group effort if you have a happy little tree or two. (Photo via C.R.A.F.T)

41. Jon Snow + Ygritte: This Game of Thrones couple costume is awesome! It’ll take a lot of layers, but it’s undoubtedly a genius costume idea for Halloween. (Photo via The Verge)

42. Fred and Wilma: Wilmaaaaaaa! How cute is this?! (Photo via imgarcade)

43. Game of Thrones: Watch your head if you and your friends decide to dress up as this crazy cast of characters. No spoilers allowed! (Photo via Deviant Art)


44. DIY Sesame Street: Combining our love of tutus with Sesame Street? Yes, please. Plus, those DIY Sesame Street faces are just too much (in a good way). (Photo via Bored Fast Food)

What TV Show characters would you like to see this Halloween? Let us know on Pinterest!