While no rerun will ever be able to touch the Turkey Day dominance that is the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix this year, there are some TV #squads that totally nail the whole Friendsgiving thing. This year, ditch the drama and let this cornucopia of shows inspire you with plenty of tricks and tips. Whether you channel Blair Waldorf’s love of pie, copy small-space decor tips from How I Met Your Mother or wear a turkey on your head like Monica Geller (okay, not that one), here are 15 rules of Friendsgiving that will make sure your day is the bomb.


1. Take the dinner outside. True, poor Sookie had to watch her beautiful, expensive, organically grown turkey dipped in a vat of hot oil, but we’re totally digging the idea of an outdoor Thanksgiving party. Bring on the hot cider and plaid blankets. And take a tip from the girls and bring a bouquet of flowers for the hostess. (Photo via CW)


2. Pick a signature cocktail. The squad might get friendly with salmonella (turkey on the head, anyone?), but they know a thing or two about pairing drinks. Monica whips up a batch of mulled cider while she’s baking and it’s the *perf* beverage to bring on those autumnal, er, buzzed feels while you wait for the main course. (Photo via NBC)


3. Bring on the costumes. Why does Halloween have to be the only holiday with costumes? Jess might be the only one who can rock a felt turkey tail, but you’ve got to admire her love of the holiday. Keep a handful of photo booth props on hand at your party and you’re guaranteed some laughable moments. (Photo via FOX)

4. Keep things simple. Don’t pull a Knope and overcomplicate things by churning your own butter. Sure, your Pinterest board is packed with the most photogenic dishes ever, but you don’t really need five variations of mashed potatoes. If you’re hosting Friendsgiving, skip the stress this year and jump for pre-made pies or sides. (Photo via NBC)

5. Send home leftovers in takeout containers. There’s nothing wrong with takeout, especially if you’ve got a Sheldon on your hands. But if you’re not doing takeout, you’ll still want to make sure you’ve got some takeout containers on hand to send leftovers home with your squad. (Photo via CBS)


6. Practice your mixology skills. Mindy would probably spend more time picking out the perfect dress than attempting to cook a turkey, but the girl knows how to look good. Take a tip from your fave doctor and make one easy Thanksgiving cocktail, but make it look really classy. (Photo via FOX)


7. Pull together an inexpensive centerpiece. Of course, Chanel’s Thanksgiving is full of accusations and drama, but it’s the table decor we’re focused on here. Break up a big bouquet into smaller buds to create an inexpensive centerpiece that’s way easier to talk over. (Photo via CW)


8. Have snacks on hand at all times. Doesn’t matter whether this your first time hosting or you’re a pro, that turkey takes its sweet time. Make sure no one ditches your party and keep plenty of snacks going around to keep the hanger away. (Photo via ABC)

9. Turn it into a potluck. Sure, you can bet your squad will show up bearing wine, but why not some food too? Turn your Friendsgiving into a potluck and let everyone bring a dish they’re comfortable making to minimize stress on all fronts. Now, if only those probing questions from your aunt were that easy to handle… (Photo via NBC)


10. Set the mood with candles. The easiest way to set the mood is to light up those candles. Stock up on fall scents for an easy peasy centerpiece that’ll make your Thanksgiving table picture perfect. (Photo via AMC)


11. Have enough wine. This crew knows how to have a good time, and they slayed their Friendsgiving with one sure tip: Have enough food and wine. Especially wine. Even burned turkey tastes alright after a few glasses of a good red. (Photo via ABC)


12. Bring out some games. Keep the squad entertained with plenty of games that both the kiddos and adults can enjoy. If the weather is nice, head outside for some pumpkin bowling, and if not, set up a few easy DIY Thanksgiving games in the living room. But maybe (definitely) avoid Cam’s pumpkin catapult. (Photo via ABC)


13. Turn your love of pie into a dessert bar. The key here is to get inspired by Blair’s love of pie, but skip the side of drama. Even if you don’t have a Dorota to help you out, it’s super easy to make a Waldorf-worthy dessert bar with this DIY pie stand and a fun variation on pumpkin pie. (Photo via CW)


14. Take a minute to express thankfulness. If you’re like Amy and you’re trying to impress this Thanksgiving, pull out the #adulting card and chat about gratitude. ‘Tis the reason for the season after all, so give your guests the chance to reflect, whether it’s with long speeches or cute printable placemats. (Photo via FOX)

15. Hack your small home into the ultimate entertaining space. There are so many things to love about this Friendsgiving, from the DIY turkey decor across the mantel to the creative small space solutions. No dining room table? No problem! Turn the living room into feast HQ with several small tables instead. (via CBS)

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(Featured photo via NBC)