It’s been proven that our minds work differently at night. Some scientists even think that there’s a correlation between late-night hours and more creative thought — meaning some people churn out their best ideas in the hours before bed. You may have had a brilliant late-night idea yourself, but nowhere to put it. Until now. Twitter just rolled out its Night Mode, allowing midnight thinkers to tweet out, without messing up their brains with that whole blue light thing.

Twitter’s late-night capabilities came to Android in late July, but now the night owl-approved feature is available for iOS users.

To activate night mode, go to your Twitter profile, then hit the settings gear. “Turn on night mode” will appear as one of the options. Click it and watch the screen change into a calming dark blue with white text. Life is forever changed.

If you’re having problems falling asleep but can’t resist the siren song of late night social media, activate Night Mode immediately. Or hey, it’s even a great option for all day, every day if your eyes need a little more zen.

Now you don’t have to choose between tweeting out your midnight thoughts and catching some shut-eye. Next time you can’t fall asleep, maybe try counting tweets?

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