DIY nail art enthusiasts, rejoice – painting your nails just got a whole lot easier. Say hello to Tweexy: a dope AF invention designed to hold your nail polish bottle steady atop one hand as you paint the other.

Tweexy 2

Worn as an expandable ring that fits virtually any finger (or toe!) (up to size 17), Tweexy suddenly makes it possible to paint in places that were awkward (to say the least) before. From the beach to your bed and even on the go, Tweexy allows you to place any bottle (literally, any bottle – the brand tested almost every brand on the market in more than 250 shapes and sizes) in the rubber “crown” holder and go to town. Better yet? The ring’s designers even had the foresight to add two rubber “squeeze-tabs” at the sides which allow you to transfer the ring to your opposite hand when you’ve finished painting the first and have wet nails. There are also grippers at the bottom of the holder that make it easier to open the polish bottle. Genius!

You can currently get it exclusively on Amazon for $14.95 in Bonbon Pink, Sapphire Night and Spa Green, with more colors set to debut on an ongoing basis. We think we might just have found the ideal gift for our most nails-obsessed girlfriends.

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(Photos via Tweexy)