We are always on the lookout for that perfect special-occasion hairstyle. One that is super-easy to do, doesn’t require a lot of pins and products and can be achieved in about 10 minutes. We think *the hairstyle* just may be a twist. From fishtails, to messy buns to casual ponies to loosely woven updos, these 11 twist hairstyles are the next big solution to your special-occasion hair needs.

The great thing about a twist is the artlessly casual look of it and how easy it is to pull off. Twists are fun hairstyles that don’t require mad skills to look super pulled together. If you can braid, you can easily do a twist. Even if you wake up with your hair a mess or if you have super frizzy ends, the twist is a great style to hide all that. It also makes a good transitional hairstyle from day to night. It looks as appropriate for running errands during the day as it does heading out to evening events. You can start the day with a basic loose french braid and later roll it into an updo with just a few pins.

Over at Twist Me Pretty, Abby has a one-minute tutorial for a messy bun. One minute!

Tip: Most hairstyles hold better when hair is a bit dirty. Twists work best on second-day hair (or later), so the style is perfect for mornings when you are short on time. If you prep your hair with dry shampoo and finish with a shaping hairspray, it will hold a twist without stiffening hair or weighing it down. It also adds a nice texture and creates a fluffier woven effect.

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(Photo via Twist Me Pretty )