We’ve come to accept a lot of oddities in the name of fashion: Just check out these 20 WTF looks from VMAS past for proof. But ASOS may have taken things just a bittttt too far with their latest: strap-on Tell Tails Shinosaur dinosaur ($40) and fox, cat, wolf and leopard tails ($32 each).

dino tail

A stuffed velvet attachment piece with a strap-on belt and a clasp closure, the tail goes beyond any Google fashion trend we’ve seen this year, and needless to say, Twitter had a field day with the product. Suggested to shoppers through a targeted ad on Facebook, the tail had ASOS customers steadily bringing the laughs. The joke’s on us in the end, however: The originally pictured black tail sold out, and we’ve got a sneaking suspicion the other tails will, too! Find some of our favorite responses below.

1. @Kimberleymakado: Kimkimini helped ASOS spread the word with this helpful PSA.

2. @scarlet_thistle: Jenny felt a little left out of the loop.

3. @jenrog1: Jenny was on board, if only she could just find the right occasion! After all, what’s a ball gown without a ball, areweright?

4. @amygoacher: Ginger Spice was polite as could be in regretfully voicing her decline.

5. @RyanBarrell: Ryan marveled at the sheer accuracy of targeted marketing these days.

6. @vanessalheslop: Vanessa finally got the answer fashion blogs couldn’t give her.

7. @jHo1987: We totally do, Jonathan. We totally do.

By far, the best tweet of all, however, came from ASOS themselves, who had a snappy comeback to Beth Turner’s question of “WTF you doing pal?”

Fair enough, ASOS. Fair enough.

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(h/t Metro, photos via ASOS)