Are you still talking about the Apple Watch!? The jury is still out on the success of the gadget (someone forgot to put us on the pre-list), but we know for certain that the integration of technology into our everyday lives is not only at this point inevitable, but essential to a modern life. Whether it’s keeping your child’s nightmares at bay or being able to plug your phone into your lamp, technology rocks. But sometimes, it’s not as pretty or as sleek as we’d like. Tyia, the latest wearable piece of technology, however, is as discreet and fashionable as they come.


The purpose of wearable pieces of technology run the gamut, but Tyia’s is simple: Get the alerts you need, when you need them. Want to enjoy a night out with friends without having to look at your phone to make sure the babysitter is okay? Just program Tyia to alert for her number only.


Planning a day with your grandmother but don’t want to be disturbed by work? Take the guesswork out of who is calling or texting you by programming Tyia to your personalized settings.


The bracelet comes in several colors, including a limited edition diamond-encrusted Walt Adler design. While it’s expected to ship sometime this year, don’t miss your chance to get one and find out more info here.


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