As 20-somethings, our Christmas lists have gotten a lot less exciting than what they were back in the day. Before we started asking Santa for things like new car tires, a suitcase and good, old-fashioned cash, our handwritten lists consisted of things like new a Tamagotchi, literally anything from Bath and Body Works and obviously a new tee from Delia’s. In the heartwarming spirit of the holiday season, one super thoughtful brother is gifting his (adult) sister all the ’90s-tastic gifts she never got as a kid.

Steve, the man behind this Imgur post, shared a bunch of photos of the gifts he plans to give to his sister. He wrote that she had to take care of him as a kid while their dad worked and so this Christmas he wants to give her some mementos of an era she perhaps didn’t get to fully enjoy. He writes, that this ultimate (and we mean ultimate) collection of goodies is “something that’d remind her of her ’90s childhood before I became her responsibility and hell-raiser of a lil’ brother :)”

While something like a gift basket of a few toys would have been pretty great, Steve went WAY above that. He hooked up his sister up with literally every ’90s product she could ever want. Lisa Frank stickers? Check. Glo Floam? Check. Beanie babies? Check.

Steve didn’t just stop a presents though. He also included all the best ’90s snacks and literature. We’re not gonna lie — we’re definitely eyeing those Dunkaroos and Koolaid Bursts.

If Steve’s supreme collection of presents is inspiring you to make this a very ’90s Christmas, he mentions in his post that most of the throwback items pictured are from Nostalgia Chest, a website that bundles some of the best toys from 20 years ago into one easy purchase. If you’re into this idea, you might want to get in your order in ASAP, because we’re thinking once word gets out it’s going to be a gruesome fight for the last set of sparkly gel pens.

What was the best Christmas gift you got in the ’90s? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Imgur)