Let’s be real for a second here guys, how often is it that you’re chilling on a Sunday afternoon and you think, “I am SO ready to go back to work tomorrow.” It seems to be the common consensus that a 3-day weekend would be appreciated by most people who work those 9-5 type jobs. And while it is still a pipe dream for many, it looks as though one major fashion company is actually listening to their employee’s cries for a second Sunday.

Uniqlo Pre-Opening Party

According to Bloomberg, the Japanese retailer Uniqlo is working to launch a program that would allow their full-time store employees to participate in four-day work weeks. The trail program would require employees would work 10-hour days, four days in a row and in return they will get three full days off to rest and recoup. The only bummer that those four days have to include on the store’s busiest days, Saturday and Sunday. The idea was created with the hope that it will help the company retain quality, full-time talent – many of whom eventually switch to part-time to spend more time with their families.

Currently, the program is only available to Uniqlo’s in-store employees in Japan. However, if all goes well they are considering adapting the program to it corporate headquarters and more locations as well.

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(Photos via Andreas Rentz/Getty)