Now that we鈥檙e almost a full month into the new year, it鈥檚 about time we finally let go of the trends that got us through 2014. True that old habits die hard (for instance, we can鈥檛 imagine our Sunday mornings without kimonos and now that we鈥檝e worn sweatpants outside of the gym, there鈥檚 no going back), but once you see the styles replacing your year-old faves, you鈥檙e bound to let 鈥檈m go. Below, we鈥檙e blueprinting your new style go-tos for all of 2015. Scroll through to say 鈥渟ayonara鈥 to last year鈥檚 sartorial hits and meet the brand-new, can鈥檛-live-without trends that will fill the void.

Retro Rehaul

1. Instead of the 鈥90s, channel the 鈥70s: Throwback style shifts decades with fitted flares and sporty cropped tees that give a spunky, roller rink vibe to basics your grungy grab would roll its eyes at. Channel your retro muse once it鈥檚 time to dress up. Think: A-line skirts like a minimalist mod, chic plunging necklines like a disco queen and all-over suede like a high-fashion festival fan.


Truly Madly Deeply Short Sleeve Midi Tee Dress ($30) vs Truly Madly Deeply Brooklyn Tee ($29)

Massive Attack


2. Instead of stacking dainty jewels, pile on mondo treasures: Even though you鈥檒l still be jamming as many baubles onto your wrists and fingers as possible, the jewels themselves are getting bigger and bigger. The metal warrior cuffs and simple tube rings remain refined but span more skin, giving a more noticeable edge to your outfits than delicate chains and air-thin midis could dream of.

ASOS Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Fine Opal Stack Rings ($53) vs River Island Gold 3 row Edgy Cuff Bracelet ($23)

Flash Your Flesh


3. Instead of baring your midriff, flash your shoulders: Good news: The new flirty part of the bod to flaunt might be the most hassle-free of them all 鈥 no toning, primping or fashion tape required (#thankgoditsnotpelvage). Bare your shoulders completely with carefree off-the-shoulder necklines or play it cool with cutouts along your collarbone.

Topshop Crystal Sequin Tee ($110) vs Topshop Petite Exclusive Satin Prom Dress ($120)

Samesies Suits


4. Instead of wearing a two-piece dress, wear a two-piece suit: 2014鈥檚 easiest way to look instantly put together is getting a major menswear-inspired makeover this year. To pull off the matching blazer + pants combo like a red carpet pro, pay attention to fit and tailoring 鈥 your suit should fit like a glove, especially if you鈥檙e taking fashion cues from Jennifer Aniston.

Lavish Alice Pencil Skirt in Polka Dot ($73) vs Forever 21 Tailored Woven Blazer ($25)

Stuck in the Middle


5. Instead of a midi skirt, don a tea-length dress: It鈥檚 true that separates give you more outfit options 鈥 you could style your midi skirt down as effortlessly as you could style it up. But if your goal is to nail a look, like the retro-glam vibe that鈥檚 big this season 鈥 then get it done all at once with a tea-length dress that鈥檒l call you sweetheart.

ASOS Premium Full A-Line Midi Skirt ($42) vs ASOS Curve Midi Dress With Pleated Skirt & Blocking ($86)

Blanket Statement


6. Instead of wearing your pajamas outside, wear your blanket outside: Take the cozy-chic trend to the next level by wrapping yourself in outwear that is essentially a blanket. It turns out that ponchos are no longer just festival wear, and we鈥檙e totally okay with that.

Zara Printed Pajama Style Trousers ($30) vs Zara Poncho Coat ($100)

Classic Blues


7. Instead of broadening your jeans collection, branch out with all-denim-everything: In the past year, you鈥檝e re-evaluated your obsession with skinnies, come to love roomier jeans silhouettes and embraced the high waist like never before. But in 2015, denim is all about looking beyond the jeans. Denim shirts, skirts, coats and dresses 鈥 even overall dresses 鈥 are all on-point, even when worn one on top of the other.

ASOS Thea Girlfriend Jeans in Santa Monica Blue ($67) vs ASOS Midi Length Waisted Denim T-Shirt Dress in Mid Wash ($73)

What style trends are ruling your 2015 so far? Tell us in the comments below.