We loooovebeauty products and all things makeup (especially now that we鈥檝e figured out how to wear it聽to the gym), and are usually head over heels for all things Urban Decay, in particular, like their new matte naked palette. *Swoon* But the beauty giant鈥檚 latest ad has some people seriously upset, sparking a major debate on social media.


The ad in question shows swatches of UD鈥檚 new 鈥淩azor Sharp Eyeliners鈥 painted on the back of a model鈥檚 arm. Nothing new here: Beauty bloggers across the planet have been showing off colors this way forever. Even Kylie Jenner swears by the trend to promo all of her latest lip kits. What has people buzzing, however, is the caption that Urban Decay decided to use along with the snap: 鈥淩eady for some Razor Sharp Swatches, UDers?鈥

Twitter user Niamh Dermody was one of the first to tweet about the matter, saving the snap before it was deleted and writing: 鈥淥h @UrbanDecay no no no鈥. Bad bad move! Very distasteful!鈥 Soon, UD fans were voicing their disappointment and criticizing the brand for referencing and making fun of self-harm.

Meanwhile, others took to Twitter to stand up for Urban Decay by pointing out that the photo was simply showing off swatches and that its caption used the product鈥檚 name innocently.

Urban Decay, for one, was quick to delete the post and issue an apology, writing: 鈥淲e swatch on the inner arm to show texture & shades. We didn鈥檛 intend to reference self-harm as the product is named Razor Sharp Eyeliner.鈥

Not everyone was satisfied with that, however. @zoexrain responded: 鈥淲hen I saw those Urban Decay swatches and read the caption my mind did go to self harm. Whether it was intentional or not.鈥

Yikes! Either way, it sounds like the company will hopefully be a litttttttle more careful when promoting products from now on.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photo via @urbandecay)