Ah the holiday of love: It鈥檚 back again, but we鈥檝e put a self-indulgent spin on it. Whether you鈥檙e coupled up, happily single or not-so-happily single, you deserve to feel as fabulous as you are. One surefire way to feel that way is to spoil yourself with a gift (or two or three). From a cozy dinner for one to a full on spa treatment, we鈥檝e got 12 can鈥檛-miss items that will help you celebrate you this Valentine鈥檚 day.

hair oil

1. Restore Hair Oil ($15): Hair treatments are something we all mean to do consistently, but never seem to find the time for. While you鈥檙e in pampering mode, this neroli and lavender-scented hair oil will make it impossible to forget your locks.


2. Mini Heart Necklace ($32): Give yourself some love and show it off to the world with this itty-bitty heart necklace. It鈥檚 beautiful, dainty and goes with absolutely everything.

macaroon kit

3. DIY Macaroon Kit ($25): If you鈥檙e having a night in, there鈥檚 hardly a better way to spend it than whipping up some gorgeous and delicious macaroons. This kit makes it easy as pie鈥 er, as easy as little french cookies!

popcorn bar

4. Popcorn Chocolate Bar ($15): Chocolate and popcorn are a match made in heaven, coming together deliciously in this equally creative and tasty chocolate bar. Warning: An obsession may begin.

skinny mixer

5. Skinny Dipper Tequila Mixer ($11): Boozy night for one, please! The crisp and refreshing notes of mango and lemon that make up this tequila-ready mixer are massively wonderful.

smores marsh

6. S鈥檓ores Marshmallows ($8): No need to fuss with fire and melted chocolate everywhere: These artisan marshmallows have all the flavor and none of the hassle of campfire s鈥檓ores.

soy friends

7. Soy Glad We鈥檙e Friends ($18): The most important friend you鈥檒l ever have is yourself. Celebrate it to the fullest with this sweet-smelling candle. Whatever it is that you鈥檙e doing this Valentine鈥檚 Day, it鈥檒l be better with this candle lit in the background.

bad balm

8. Bad-Ass Bitch Lip Balm ($4): You鈥檙e a bad ass and you know it. Gift this to yourself on V-Day and if you鈥檙e ever feeling unsure of yourself, whip out this lip balm for a little reminder.

cheer set

9. Cup of Cheer Tote Set ($32): This set has everything you need for an indulgent night: a well-designed tote, two hot chocolate mixes and a beautiful mug to keep you warm, cozy and happy.

choc caramel

10. Chocolate and Peanut Caramels ($5): This three-piece set of chocolate amazingness is certainly not your run-of-the-mill chocolate, making it the ideal treat for yourself.

coffee scrub

11. Coffee Scrub ($18): If you鈥檙e going the spa treatment route, this coffee scrub is essential. It鈥檒l leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated from the caffeine. You鈥檒l be kissed with the light scent of coffee that everyone loves.

face kit

12. Face Care Kit ($74): Take the face mask trend to the next level. This group of products is the ultimate indulgence that will leave your mug looking fresher than ever, even in the middle of winter.

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