If you’ve been following us for a while, then you’ve probably caught on to the fact that we love us a good statement necklace. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, any season is a good one to make a style statement. That’s why when Velcro Industries asked us to put our thinking caps on in the geek chic department, we knew we’d hit the jackpot. The Interchangeable Statement Necklace, powered by VELCRO® Brand Fasteners.

 – VELCRO® brand Attach-A-Patch® tape

– cardboard

– mod podge

– metallic spray paint

– eyelets

– chain + jump rings

– fabric, paper, etc (for the interchangeable panels)

Tools: glue gun, hole punch, sewing machine

The sweet thing about Attach-A-Patch® tape is that it comes in a larger format than you’re used to with VELCRO® fasteners, giving you more flexibility when it comes to shapes and what not.

Since we’re creating a trio of interchangeable panels for our necklace, the first thing to do is fold our VELCRO® tape into thirds. Use this to measure out a piece of cardboard for your necklace template. We drew a simple double triangle design inspired by tribal prints and geometric patterns. Cut out your template.

Trace it onto your various pieces of fabric or paper.

Now it’s time to turn that cardboard into a more substantial piece of accessorizing armor. Spray paint it gold. Let dry. Cover with Mod Podge. And then spray paint gold again! Let dry.

To attach the chain, punch holes in the cardboard and attach eyelets. Use jump rings to attach the chain.

Trace your template onto the “sharp” VELCRO® fastener side. Cut out and glue onto the cardboard.

Back to the fabric! For these panels, you’ll want to trace your template onto the “soft” VELCRO® tape side three times (for three necklaces).

Once you’ve done that, head to your sewing machine and attach each to a fabric panel. And that’s it! If you’re using patterned paper, skip the sewing machine and simply use hot glue.

The possibilities with this one are pretty endless so have fun with it!

And there it is! Easy to change and irresistible to wear.

What inventive things have you tried making with VELCRO® fasteners? Let us know in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with VELCRO®.