The onset of a new season, particularly a season that encourages overdosing on chocolate bunnies and splurging on fresh flowers, is a recipe for a good mood. Longer days and more sunshine give us way more energy for doing crafty things. Instead of spending the weekend vegging out, home decor projects and crazy recipes seem like the perfect afternoon activity. Spring forward this weekend with colorful decorative accessories, homemade Easter treats and grown-up Easter baskets for those of us who don’t want to say goodbye to all that candy. Scroll on to check out 13 must-make projects for the weekend.


1. DIY Cactus Peeps: Overdosing on Peeps is practically a requirement of the season, so once you’ve made Peeps s’mores, take a quick course in marshmallow making, so you can DIY Peeps in any shape you want. Obviously the cacti ones our girl Roxy made get a big thumbs up — seriously, how could you not love those sparking green plants? (via Brit + Co)


2. DIY Velvet Journals: You know those books that you leave out on your coffee table just because they’re really pretty? If you’re looking for a creative way to up your #shelfie game or give your coffee table a new look, consider covering thrifted hardback books and journals in velvet and suede for a touch of style. (via Fall for DIY)


3. DIY Lip Balm: If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive gift favor, look no further than these mini lip balms. You can customize each balm with a pretty label and different flavor combos. (via Brit + Co)


4. DIY Mini Pom Pom Pillow: Yes, you can give your couch an instant refresh without pulling out the sewing machine. Just add a cool pom pom texture to one (or both!) sides of the throw pillows you already have. Even if you’re more into a minimal vibe, these fun pom poms pillows add just the right amount of texture and color to your space. (via A Beautiful Mess)


5. DIY Concrete Vase: These concrete vases are super easy to make and are just the thing to take your Easter brunch table from pretty to pretty dang awesome. Get ready to blow up Instagram with snaps of these cool vases and your amazing flower arranging skills. (via Paper and Stitch)


6. DIY Embellished Sequin Skirt: To give your spring wardrobe a stylish new piece without blowing the whole budget, upgrade a plain skirt into your own DIY embellished sequin masterpiece. You’ll only need three supplies: your skirt, a pack of sequins and some beads. Before you know it, you’ll be sparkling your way through the next spring brunch. (via Brit + Co)


7. DIY Dyed IKEA Sheepskin Rug: Faux fur rocked your world all winter long, but now it’s spring and you’re wondering if it’s still acceptable to have fur decor? The answer is always yes. And especially if you dye it a pretty pastel pink that practically screams spring. (via Paper and Stitch)


8. DIY Rainbow Donuts: Don’t worry, you don’t need a deep fryer to make these fancy donuts. All you need is a donut pan and some cake mix. The hardest part about this project will be trying to decide which photos to post on Instagram once you’ve nailed the rainbow frosting. (via Brit + Co)


9. DIY Box Storage: Some people keep a catch-all bowl by the door so they don’t forget their keys. Other people need a little bit (okay, a lot) more storage space to keep everything semi-organized. If you’re constantly losing everything from your keys to your sunglasses, customize a set of box storage shelves to keep you a little more sane. (via I Spy DIY)


10. DIY Watercolor Backdrops: DIY a watercolor backdrop that you can use for all your spring parties, a photo booth, Easter brunch and then keep it up the rest of the season as a cool piece of statement art. There’s no wrong way to make this: Get out your paintbrush and have some fun. (via Brit + Co)


11. DIY Grown-up Easter Baskets: Why should the kids get all the fun when the adults are just as crazy about chocolate eggs and marshmallow chicks? Treat yourself and your friends to these grown-up versions of the Easter basket that they can use as a catch-all bowl for the rest of the year. (via Brit + Co)

What-to-make-this-weekend-egg succulent planters

12. DIY Mini Spring Succulents: These mini succulents would be perfect as favors or place settings at a brunch. The best part is that they cost less than a dollar each to make, and you can’t go wrong with a gold and pastel color scheme. (via A Kailo Chic Life)


13. DIY Floral Soap Pops: Spring flowers are popping up everywhere, and it’s always fun to find creative ways to use them. These soap pops are a great way to use up bouquets that are looking a little droopy, and make those flowers last a little longer. (via Fall For DIY)

We want to see what you’re crafting this weekend! Show us your project by tagging us on Instagram using hashtag #iamcreative!