Last week Russian baker Olga Noskovaa’s mirrored cakes proved she’s pretty much the ultimate perfectionist in the kitchen. However, it’s Australian baker Vickie Liu’s twee treats that take the cake (pun 100 percent intended) for “most adorable.”

Melbourne-resident Vickie considers herself an amateur baker. However, by the look of her donuts and cookies, we’d have to disagree. Throughout her Instagram feed (which has 164K followers, BTW), you’ll find goodies like panda and teddy bear donuts, as well as breakfast and watermelon-inspired cookies.

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How adorable are these?!! They’re almost too cute to eat (keyword being “almost”). PS, Vickie happens to be a contributor at Brit + Co! Be sure to check out these adorable strawberry cheesecakes and ombré donuts she’s made for us!

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