It鈥檚 only been a few weeks since Victoria鈥檚 Secret broke our hearts with the announcement that they鈥檇 be cutting swim from their catalog鈥檚 roster. But now the iconic lingerie and casual wear retailer has made a new announcement that comes as an equally jarring surprise. In addition to swim, the company will also be getting rid of its online clothing and shoes inventory. Basically, what you see in the stores is what you鈥檒l find online 鈥 and nothing more.


Fashionista reports that Victoria鈥檚 Secret Lingerie, Pink and Victoria鈥檚 Secret Beauty have also been broken up into three separate businesses with their own management, which means that, moving forward, we鈥檒l probably be seeing even less brand overlap than we have been already.

While the news isn鈥檛 great for fans of Vicky S鈥檚 cute duds, there鈥檚 a small silver lining in this fashion storm cloud: All of the brand鈥檚 swimwear, apparel and footwear will be dramatically marked down until it gets sold. So stock up, bbs.

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(h/t Fashionista; photo via Victoria鈥檚 Secret)