All of your friends have done it and you probably have too. FaceApp is the latest viral trend taking over social media, as people get a kick out of seeing what they might look like as someone of the opposite sex, someone younger, and as someone much older (you can also add a smile, although that鈥檚 not as much fun, TBH). But now, some people are accusing the app of being racist.

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First things first: Have you tried the app? What did you think of the results? Did you notice anything鈥 off? Perhaps with your skin tone?

If so, you鈥檙e not alone. That鈥檚 why some users are claiming that FaceApp is lightening people鈥檚 skin when they use the 鈥淗ot鈥 feature. Which is pretty darn racist.

So this app is apparently racist as hell. But at least I'm sassy. #faceapp

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Mashable got in touch with FaceApp founder and CEO Yaroslav Goncharov, who was totally apologetic, saying, 鈥淲e are deeply sorry for this unquestionably serious issue. It is an unfortunate side-effect of the underlying neural network caused by the training set bias, not intended behavior. To mitigate the issue, we have renamed the effect to exclude any positive connotation associated with it.鈥 That makes it鈥 clear?

For now, this聽means the 鈥淗ot鈥 feature has been renamed to 鈥淪park鈥 but still has the same result when applied to pics. That鈥檚 why Goncharov assures users that they鈥檙e 鈥渨orking on the complete fix that should arrive soon.鈥澛燣et鈥檚 hope it arrives sooner rather than later, otherwise they risk losing a heck of a lot of users in the meantime.

What do you think about the accusations that FaceApp is racist (as well as the CEO response to the sitch)? Let us know @BritandCo!

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