Slowly but surely, fashion seems to be getting more and more accessible. High-end designer Philip Lim created a line for Target when we didn’t even know it was possible to love Target more than we already did. Fashion bloggers have become Fashion Week VIPs. And now you (yes, you!) can create your own looks for a New York Fashion Week runway.

The Virtual Fashion Show from Yahoo! Style and Print All Over Me gives average Joes and Janes the opportunity to upload their own designs to one of eight styles just for NYFW. It’s the “the first-ever crowd-sourced, 100% shoppable runway-show experience.”

First, you choose your cut. There are four styles for men and four for women, all created with the help of architect/technologist Peter Zusban of Bureau V. Second, upload your image. That’s it. The whole process literally takes minutes.

When you’re done uploading and placing your image, you can see your own design on the Virtual Fashion Show stream strutting down a virtual catwalk at Lincoln Center. And these animations are the real deal. Think way beyond The Sims circa 2000. You can really see how the fabric moves with your print as if you were wearing it

If you really fancy your creation, you can not only buy it for yourself, but if someone else wants to buy your print, you get 20% of every sale. So basically, you get to make your own clothes and make money doing it. Move over, DVF. JK, JK, you’re a goddess and no one can ever replace you.

We couldn’t resist giving it a trial run ourselves with pics from our own DIYs. Check out our Wear Washi shirtdress and our Party On jumpsuit!

Just a warning, the virtual catwalk is a livestream so you may find yourself hypnotized by new creations coming and going all day. You have until September 23 to get your looks in the Virtual Fashion Show, but even after that you can continue to create your own designs, buy them and sell them over at Print All Over Me year round. Start creating here.

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(h/t The Creators Project)