Mermaid adoration is strong around here, from being totally giddy over the upcoming live-action Little Mermaid remake to trying out mermaid-approved makeup. But if you’ve ever thought you don’t quite have the Ariel-like form (no, not the tail, but rather her teeny tiny waistline) to be a mermaid, then think again. Loey Lane, a popular plus-size vlogger and hot-fashion finder, proves that you don’t have to be so little to become a princess mermaid. And she wants Disney to take notice.

The buzz all started when Loey picked herself up an amazing Little Mermaid-inspired swimsuit. We doubt she could’ve expected what it would spark.

The top is a seashell shape in a bright, shiny purple (with a super-strong underwire support that she says will “give a crap-tonne of push up”) and a tie-up string. The bottoms are just as bright and almost as shiny, but with the needed scale-print to complete the mermaid look.

She gave the suit an enthusiastic thumbs up for both coverage and comfort-level, so it’s not hard to believe that this look had to be quickly restocked after selling out almost immediately. The look hails from Hot Topic for a mere $20 for the top and $20 for the bottom, and ranged in sizes from XS to XXL. It’s pretty clear — this is the adorable swimsuit that everyone wants.

With a vast collection of super chic and on-trend swimsuits (seriously, take a peek at her Instagram and be totally jealous over her fabulous collection), Loey deems this particular suit the cutest she owns. High praise, indeed. And to top it off, she simply declares, “I’m going to live in this for the rest of my life; who am I even kidding? I’m going to be a mermaid princess for the rest of my life.” We really can’t blame you, Loey!

Take a look at Loey’s “not so little mermaid” look (as well as some other amazing outfits) in the vid below.

If your reaction was, “Girl, LOVE the look,” then you weren’t alone. Fans were quick to comment that an actual Little Mermaid that didn’t conform to the stereotypical size would be amazing. Loey agreed and went so far as to create video called Not So Little Mermaid with the hopes of convincing Disney that their next princess should be plus-size.

It tells the story of Loey visiting Disneyland while young and wanting to be Ariel, but later she reveals that someone else crossed that out and instead deemed her Ursula. She explains how hurtful it was as a child to always see the “chubby” women as the bad villains. Oof. Now, though, Loey took her super hot self to a very public beach to show off her mermaid look, and you’ll definitely want to hear what she has to say.

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(h/t Yahoo; photos via The Little Mermaid)