As much as it pains us to admit that summer is almost over, we are so pumped for the MTV Video Music Awards. We’re sharing a few easy DIYs and fun items from the B+ C Shop to make sure your VMA watching party is just as fun as what will be unfolding at the Microsoft Theater. Between these viewing party treats and our girl Miley Cyrus hosting, it’s sure to be one hell of a night!

VMA Watching Party Bando Headband

1. Girl Talk Headband ($15): It’s not a watching party without the party accessories. Bring the fun with our very favorite headband.


2. VMAs Bingo: Yep, every party needs a game, and we’ve got yours covered. In between hoping for some Calvin + Taytay romance and crossing your fingers for a wacky Miley moment, get your markers out and play along. (via Brit + Co)

3. Candy Kabobs: Watching the VMAs just wouldn’t be the same without a slight sugar high. These candy kabobs are a cinch to put together and will definitely take your guests back to the good ‘ole days of junk food and MTV-binging. (via A Dose of Serendipity)


4. Best Artichoke Dip Ever: Sure, candy is great, but your guests will need some sustenance too. Feed them this decadent artichoke dip and they’ll be coming back for seconds, thirds and fourths. (via Yammie’s Noshery)

5. A Wrecking (Cheese) Ball: What’s an amazingly cheesy VMA-viewing party without the actual cheese? (via Magnolia Days)


6. Party Popcorn: This easy treat would definitely be Miley-approved. (via Brit + Co)

Disco Ball Drink Stirrers

7. Disco Cocktail Sticks: Excuse us while we have a Lady Gaga moment over this disco cocktail stirrer DIY. This simple how-to gives “disco stick” a whole new (PG-rated) meaning. (via Minted)

VMA Watching Party Cocktail Shaker

8. Light Up Cocktail Shaker ($15): Save the fancy flutes and shakers for your Oscar party — this VMA-approved light-up cocktail shaker is all about the flash.

Miley Cocktail

9. Miley Cocktail: Our girl Miley Cyrus may not be performing this year, but she will be hosting. And naturally, we’ll be sipping our Miley-inspired cocktails while the inevitable shenanigans unfold. (via InStyle)


10. Heartbreak Cocktail: Whether it’s a reference to Kanye’s amazing album, your feelings post-#1D break or an ode to the former couple that was Jelena, pour your guests one of these for the ultimate pick-me-up. (via Julip Made)

Are you hosting your own VMA-watching party? Share your food and DIY decor picks in the comments!