If you’re gunning for a perfect bod this year, let’s embark on a little #realtalk. While it’s admirable to get into shape, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t end up looking like the perfect celebrities you see plastered across the tabloids. As it turns out, the reason we see so many rock hard abs on Gatorade ads seems to have a lot to do with the lighting.


As part of a photo project called “Ordinary People, Hollywood Lighting” photographer Von Wong transforms regular folks into epitomes of fitness.

With plenty of Photoshop and cunning lighting tricks, he takes a mom of three and a grandfather of 12 (to name a few) and turns them into ultra-athletes. The transformations are nothing short of stunning.


Of course, it just goes to show you how much of our expectations of fitness are just about appearances.


If some simple lighting tricks can make regular people like us look like extras from the set of 300, you probably shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t look like them. Just being healthy, active and emotionally satisfied is all you need.


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(h/t Medium)