The wage gap has become an über daunting issue looming in the background of the professional world. Statistically speaking, women currently make 79 cents to every dollar a man makes, on average. Factor in minorities and that gap becomes even more dramatic. But does it *actually* affect you in your life? If you want to figure out exactly what role the wage gap plays in your situation specifically, a new website by financial destination The Balance is here to make it a five-minute process.

Gender equality

The site is called #shiftTheBalance and offers an interactive quiz that exposes “what’s really at stake, what it means for you, and what you can do about it.” Initially, you’ll be asked your age, gender and occupation. Press submit and a full fact sheet emerges, breaking it all down for your specific situation. I learned that in my field, women typically make $42 to a man’s $50, but #shiftTheBalance goes one step further by telling you how much less that translates to per hour, per year and between now and retirement total.

I love every minute of my job

It also breaks down how much you’ll lose in interest on savings and puts that into perspective with what you would be able to buy with the money lost. With all the dough I’ll miss out on by retirement, I could have made 1,155 house payments or taken my boo to Paris 355 times.

Additionally, the website offers some solutions. It dishes out negotiation tips and shareable assets to post on your social channels to make the issue even more front-of-mind than it already is. We’re doing equal work and we should be paid accordingly. It’s really as simple as that.

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