Living in a rental space usually entails boring, white walls that you can’t do anything about. We know… it’s the worst. What better way to amp up that blank space than with a gorgeous gallery wall? Answer: There is no better way! Here are 12 of our favorite prints that you can pick up at Re:Make 2015. Scroll through to take a peek.


1. Fri-yay! ($25): TBH, is there a better day of the week? Nah.


2. Colorful Squares ($30): You know we’re always down for some color, so why not frame it?


3. Rainbow Pineapple ($14): Is it just us, or are pineapples having a *huge* moment? We’re not mad about it.


4. The Golden State ($5): It’s hard to top a print of the best state ever. #westcoastbestcoast


5. Donuts + Confetti ($30): But, like, really. Everything is better with donuts and confetti… especially brunch.


6. All Things NYC ($18 each): Everyone loves a good print of NYC, so you should totally add these three to your collection. It’s like an entire gallery wall made for you, with none of the work. You’re welcome.


7. Whiskey + Kisses ($25): There’s no better way to show your love for whiskey, mainly because you can pick it up at Re:Make ;)


8. Painted Cactus ($18): If you’re prone to having a hard time keeping plants alive (#guilty), opt for a cactus print instead. We won’t judge.


9. Bright + Bold ($35): We can’t get enough of this color combo. Plus, nothing screams summer quite like bright + bold colors, which is why this print is a must.


10. I Love You California ($25): Remember when we said that it’s hard to top a print of California? Well, same goes for this floral print.


11. Intersecting Lines ($18): This abstract print just might be the perfect conversation starter.


12. Illustrated Rose ($35): When in doubt, framing floral prints is never a bad way to go!

What are you shopping for at #remake2015? Share with us in the comments.