Have you ever been looking for your wallet and thought, “I’ll just call it!” as if it were your cell phone? No? Just us? Well, at the very least you know the sheer panic that comes over you when you think you’ve lost your wallet even if you know it’s somewhere in your apartment. The makers over at Ekster have a Kickstarter for a smart new product that will make sure you don’t feel that panic ever again.


They’ve created a wallet that comes with a tracking system connected to your phone, so you can actually call your wallet. How awesome is that?! We’re big fans of Trackr, an insert you can put into your wallet that connects with an app on your phone, but Ekster is different: the tracking system is built right in. And if your wallet goes out of a certain range from your phone, you’ll get a notification — in time to chase down that sneaky thief. The app on your phone includes a GPS system that’ll lead you right to your wallet.


Another cool feature is that the tracking system goes two ways. We know all too well the struggle of setting your phone down somewhere in your apartment and being convinced it’s lost forever 30 seconds later. And gone are the days when every household had a landline, so if it’s just you in your apartment, chances are you have no way of calling your phone to find it. Enter: Ekster. The wallet has a reverse tracking system where you can press a button and your phone rings. Who needs a landline? Or a roommate? Or a boyfriend? Okay, that got a little dark, we apologize.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.30.17 AM

And you can say goodbye to struggling to pull out the right card while a line of impatient Starbucks customers glare from behind you. The Ekster wallet has a super handy feature where, at the click of a button, all your cards are released in whatever order you choose.

The connected life is coming to a purse (or pocket) near you. Early bird pledges are all gone on Ekster’s already-funded Kickstarter but pledges of $89 or higher will go toward a wallet that will ship May 2016. Ekster will eventually retail for $89 – 99.

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