What happens when you give folks on the internet some (okay, lots of) free time? They come up with some pretty wacky stuff. Whether it’s a new dance move or a hilarious challenge issued by a pop star (ahem, Katy Perry), it only takes a hashtag to get something trending. This summer’s latest obsession has officially arrived in the form of a fruit, paired with a little bit of imagination: Say hello to the #WatermelonDress.

To participate, simply cut/bite a watermelon into the shape of a dress, then hold it up just so over a pal’s bod, and snap a pic. Here, a few of the most stylish takes:

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Even Ryan Seacrest is donning a #WatermelonDress! “Feeling the breeze between my knees,” the Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host wrote via Twitter. And of course, you should never let gender, age, or even species (LOL) limit you from wearing whatever the eff you want! Anyone can do it, with a little precision and creativity.

TBH… it’s actually kind of cute. Does that come in our size?

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(h/t Cosmopolitan; Photo via Getty, @eva_healthy_fit)