If you thought Walkmans were a part of your past, you need to head to the vending machine at your nearest New Zealand gym stat. In a stunt that has us searching our couch cushions for $80 in change, Sony has been bottling their latest waterproof MP3 player and selling them from hubs generally used for hydration.

This is like that point in the movie where the unsuspecting, nerdy girl takes off her glasses, lets her ponytail down and everyone鈥檚 like, 鈥淲haaaat, who鈥檚 that?!鈥 In other words: We鈥檙e listening, Sony鈥

The last time we used a Walkman might have been when we were bumpin鈥 Hootie & the Blowfish on cassette, but the W Series boasts that it鈥檚聽鈥渨earable, wire-free and waterproof鈥 and the only way to truly take your tunes to the pool. Selling them submerged in water bottles in spots swimmers and other athletes can get them on-the-go has us willing to go bobbing for a non-apple MP3 player. Watch the video here to see the vending in action.

Virally successful marketing stunt and a way to put our 鈥淥livia Pope in the Pool鈥 playlist to work aside, how cool would it be if gyms had similarly-stocked vending machines in locker rooms? Not every electronic purchase calls for a trip to the store (鈥榮cuse us while we blow a kiss to the airport vending machine after forgetting our headphones at home before a cross country flight) so we hope this idea causes a ripple effect in more ways than one.

Sony鈥檚 online New Zealand store sells the W Series: Walkman for about 83 US smackers, but they鈥檙e currently out of stock so you might as just cough up the dough for that trip to NZ. We鈥檙e sure you can save with a one-day gym pass!

What do you think? What鈥檚 your MP3 player of choice? What would you be more apt to purchase from a vending machine in your gym?