As we progress further into the 21st century, we’re continuing to craft our own set of new traditions. However, one aspect of life where tradition is more than deeply rooted is a wedding ceremony. From spending the night before the big day apart to making sure to slip on something blue, there tends to be a definite set of must-have elements when it comes to tying the knot – whether you choose to follow them or not. But one newer tradition we’re starting to see more and more of are first looks; a special moment before the ceremony when the groom first lays eyes on his beautiful bride. The touching tradition, shared just between the couple, is an intimate moment that they’ll both remember for the rest of their united days.

Whether you’re not yet familiar with the tradition or simply a sucker for love, the folks over at MRP Weddings have put together a video of grooms reacting to seeing their soon-to-be wives in a montange that’s seriously pulling at our heartstrings. They sum up what makes this moment so special in a few simple words: “It’s in that first sight that they see their future.” BRB everybody, we’re just going to go reapply that entire face of makeup we just cried off.

What are your thoughts on this modern wedding tradition? Did you do this at your wedding or are you planning to? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

(h/t People)