Wedding Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths
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Wedding Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths


Most brides will focus on finding the right dress first, and that’s only natural. But hair and makeup are just as important and require some upfront planning. Whether your style is formal and classic or laidback and boho, you want a hairstyle that looks beautiful and will stay looking that way all day. Here are 32 gorgeous wedding hair ideas for every length.

When we’re looking for a style that’s both elegant and casual, plus easy to pull off, we look to braids and twists. Whether you’re a fan of the French braid, the mermaid or the front row, pretty plaits keep hair on lock. And that’s going to get you through the whole day looking beautiful. With so many Pinterest-perfect braids out there, it’s easy to feel intimidated, but braids are easier to pull off than you may think. One really pretty plait that’s fairly easy to achieve is the front-row braid. It starts similarly to the dutch braid, but with the side plaits running underneath. The trick to a front-row braid is to angle your head down as you braid. Do two sides for a symmetrical and classic look, or just one side for a more casual, boho look. The trick is to get the braids in front to look nice and thick, like a bridal crown. Here are 100 lovely braided looks that will inspire you.

Similar to braids, twists are elegantly casual and super-easy to do, and they don’t require a lot of pins and product to keep them in place. If you can do a braid, you can easily achieve a twist. Even if you wake up on wedding day with your hair super frizzy, the twist will be a great style to tame it. It also makes a great transitional hairstyle from day to night — it will look as beautiful coming down the aisle as it does on the dance floor. Start with basic, loose french braid, roll it up into an artfully messy bun with just a few pins, then later you can let the pins drop.

Over at Twist Me Pretty, Abby is showing off a Great Gatsby wedding hairstyle. An artfully messy twist, it is casual yet elegant. LOVE!

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(Photo via Twist Me Pretty)