It’s no secret that Wells Adams has found something special with Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland. Unfortunately for us, that means the fan-favorite Bachelorette alum — who most recently popped up as the bartender on Bachelor in Paradise (where he shared a swoon-worthy kiss with Danielle Maltby) — won’t be doing the upcoming Bachelor Winter Games spinoff.

“I said no, because it’s a dating show, and I like someone else,” the 33-year-old Nashville native told Entertainment Tonight, obviously speaking about his famous girlfriend. He was happy to be able to decline, though. “It’s good. I’m very happy.”

But that doesn’t mean Adams’ days with the romantic franchise are over. Since he appeared on the last BiP not as a contestant but as an involved bystander, he could probably continue in a similar role in future seasons — perhaps as a commentator for Winter Games.

Frankly, he feels like he’s better suited to spectating anyway. “There’s nothing about, like, speed skating for roses [that] sounds appealing to me whatsoever,” he joked. “I would love to be, like, on the sidelines… I would like to make hot cocoa for everybody.”

We wonder if “everybody” would include Hyland, whom Adams has been dating for a few months now. They didn’t meet on the reality series, but they did meet because of the reality series. It’s public knowledge that the actress first took notice of her future boyfriend when she saw him pop up on JoJo Fletcher’s season 12 of The Bachelorette, and though Adams didn’t find love on the show, he did learn a few lessons that may have helped him find love IRL.

“I honestly think that I just got to a place in my life where I was like, ‘I don’t want to be dating anymore. I want to find that special person,'” he told Entertainment Tonight. “If that show did anything to me, it’s made me a more mature person in relationships.”

He added, “Every show that I came off of, I learned so much about myself. … It’s like therapy for a couple months, because you talk about your feelings a lot, and that’s something that a man in society doesn’t do a lot.”

It may not have happened while the cameras were rolling, but it certainly looks like Bachelor Nation helped to write another potential happily-ever-after.

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(photo via Greg Doherty/WireImage)