Summer was a blast, but it’s time to head back to campus. While we all know how sad it is to leave behind our beach vacays and sleepy mornings, the real world is beckoning. And Brit + Co is here to make it your best year yet! You can get all the tips you need for a successful year back at college (or high school!) from our latest Snapchat Discover channel.


Whether it’s your freshman or senior year, you’re sure to find a useful tip or trick to make the upcoming semester a smooth ride. (Heads up, Jessica Alba may or may not be providing some back-to-school tips herself!)

You’ll also see and discover all kinds of dorm room inspo. We’re talking the dreamiest dorms around, tips for upgrading your space with only $25 or less, IKEA dorm hacks and more.


Looking for even more back to school secrets? Just pretend our channel is the curriculum you wish all of your professors handed out. We’ve got healthy snack ideas to help you avoid the dreaded Freshman 15 *and* workouts you can do in your small space (we know the gym all the way across campus is just too far of a walk between classes).


Oh, and one last thing. You’re gonna want to save our midnight munchie recipe hacks for those all-nighters. ;)


So make sure to open up your Snapchat app ASAP to check out all the back to school secrets you never realized you needed (just scan the Snapcode above)! And don’t forget — you can always follow our personal Snapchat account for daily behind-the-scenes action at B+C HQ.


Happy Snapping!

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