What You Should Know About Today’s Pledge of Liberation and Nationwide Sit-Ins
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What You Should Know About Today’s Pledge of Liberation and Nationwide Sit-Ins

While this year’s Inauguration Day Women’s March was celebrated worldwide, even making history, the struggle certainly isn’t over. That’s why today’s Pledge of Liberation is now sweeping across activist communities while nationwide sit-ins are in action. Here’s what you need to know.

A joint effort by many groups working to keep the country moving forward in progressive ways, the Pledge of Liberation, is asking you to sign in order to “recommit [yourself] to resistance work — and to each other” to “collectively stand for dignity, justice and freedom in the face of attacks on our health care, our identities and our lives.”

The folks behind the Women’s March explain, “Today, we pledge our allegiance to the collective liberation of all our communities. Six months since Election Day, we call for a nationwide day of action to reaffirm our commitment to each other and our collective liberation in response to this administration’s constant stream of dangerous and discriminatory Executive Orders, and to Congress’ repeated attacks on our health care, our identities, and our lives.”

That’s why they’ve introduced the Pledge of Liberation, saying, “We cannot pledge allegiance to an administration that oppresses and harms us. Instead, we pledge allegiance to the liberation of all people. We pledge allegiance to each other. #PledgeOfLiberation” Inspiring!

And that certainly isn’t the only action making waves today. Other folks are stepping up by preparing to sit down. In order to call more attention to their efforts, the Women’s March organizers are carrying out a series of sit-ins at congressional offices across the country. “Our resistance movements are more focused than ever,” the website says, adding, “We know these issues are interrelated. The attacks on queer and trans people, on disabled people, on Black, brown and Indigenous people, on immigrants, on poor people, on Muslim and Jewish people, the attacks on health care and the environment, the rendering of violence against women as a pre-existing condition — these are all one assault on our fundamental rights to live with dignity, autonomy and liberty.” Strong words for a turbulent time, absolutely.

Let’s just remember to keep moving forward together. Because (and it’s so very true), we’re stronger together.

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