What Your Favorite Workout Says About You
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What Your Favorite Workout Says About You

These days, it seems like there’s always a new workout trend popping up. From barre to Zumba to hot yoga, there are tons of different ways to move your body if you’re so inclined. And with new year’s resolutions still fresh, maybe you’ve decided to give one or two a try. Not only will workin’ on your fitness make you feel great in your body, but it could actually tell you a little something about your personality too. Scroll through to find out what your go-to workout routine says about you.

1. Hiking: You’re reflective (maybe literally, in a Pocahontas-style moment, if you come across a pond). You connect with nature and use time in the outdoors to reflect on life’s big questions. You prefer to get your sweat on in a peaceful and serene environment. Hiking is a two-birds-one-stone kinda deal: You get a great workout in and you get to do your best thinking.

2. Yoga: You’re introverted. Ever notice how people in yoga classes don’t really talk to each other? Yoga is all about being present in your own mind and blocking out outside distractions. In other words, it’s an introvert’s heaven. Yoga’s a great way for introverts to get out and do something active without the pressure to actually talk to a bunch of people.

3. Barre: You’re extroverted. Barre is a really awesome class to sign up for with a few friends. It’s interactive and fun, and you’re guaranteed to laugh through the burn. And even if you don’t sign up with a bestie, chances are you’ll meet a new one in the class.

4. Running: You’re fast-paced. You’re not one to sit still, and you probably don’t have an office job — or if you do, you use running as a much-needed after-work energy boost. You live your life fast too. You love being busy and balancing work, social life, fitness and more.

5. Swimming: You’re mellow. You’re in no rush. You do things at a slower pace, both in fitness and in life. What’s that old saying about the turtle and the hare? You live by that.

6. P90x: You’re competitive, even if it’s just with yourself. You love a good personal best and are constantly pushing yourself to break records. You don’t always compare yourself to others, but when you do, you use their achievements as motivation to strive for better in your own life.

7. Intramural sports: You’re collaborative. Whether it’s soccer, hockey, kickball, you name it, you’re all about that assist. And that collaborative spirit is what makes you so great at work and in relationships too.

8. Weight training: You’re independent. And super-strong. Look at you go, literally carrying all that weight on your shoulders. You pride yourself on doing things on your own, taking care of people around you and never asking for help. Okay, so maybe that last one isn’t so great, but you’re working on it!

9. Zumba: You’re spontaneous. No second in a Zumba class is the same as the one before it. You love to mix things up, and you live by the cliche “variety is the spice of life.” You get bored easily, but you’re also super creative and think outside the box, so boredom is rarely an issue for you.

10. Circuits: You’re routine-oriented. You love a good routine, and once you’ve figured yours out, there’s not a chance you’re straying from it. And who could blame you? A good circuit workout is something to hold onto. Same goes for a good restaurant, Starbucks order and favorite movie. No need to fix what isn’t broken!

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