An Instagram photo isn’t really an Instagram post (or even a DM) if it doesn’t have a filter incorporated into it. Right? Whether you choose to go #nofilter or alter your snaps before pressing the upload button to share with the Internet, your filter of choice apparently reveals more about the type of person you are than the photo itself — square or no square.

For those curious about exactly what their fave filters say about them, Marketo, a marketing automation software, created a fun infographic that reveals just that.

what your instagram filter says about you

Though the personality profile is missing some of the recent filter additions, it does have the original 10 options everyone has loved for a long time. Not shockingly (at least to those who read social media scientist Dan Zarrella’s study), the “Normal” filter is the most used choice, for good and bad reasons.

Find out whether you’re given the title of The Wannabe Wes Anderson, The Lazy Artist or even The Optimist all based on your filter fascination below. Then go ask your BFFs if they agree with your Instagram filter personality profile. It’s kinda like the new astrology, no?! ;)

what your instagram filter says about you

What do you think about this Instagram filter personality profile? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

(h/t Social Media Today, photo via Instagram, infographic via Marketo)