We all have our go-to beach essentials: sandals, a cool towel, lots of sunscreen, a good read, music and maybe an adult beverage or two. And with all those summertime goods, it can be hard to fit everything you need into one little (or not-so-little) tote. The ultimate beach bag must carry everything you need for safety, style, beauty, sustenance, comfort and entertainment. Now that is no easy task. These 12 #whatsinmybeachbag Instagram posts know how to keep all the essentials contained for a stylish, sandy and sun-safe day.

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1. Tropical Style: Just because you’re heading to the beach doesn’t mean you can’t look effortlessly stylish. Rock a tropical-inspired kimono and plenty of wood and shelled-out accessories to fit in with your surroundings. (via @mylittlenotebookblog)


2. Totes Adorbs Tote: Whatever you do, just make sure your suit is equally as stylish as your tote, and you will be good to go. Don’t forget that lipgloss and vodka shooter. (via @yfsphotography)


3. Nautical Chic: A chic white peasant dress, tortoise shades and a striped bikini? It doesn’t get much more classic than this. We imagine this gal is headed to the French riviera for some fun in the sun. (via @lindseyherzog)


4. Style + Fruit: Have pineapple, will travel. This beach-goer knows what’s up with her snacks, stylish reads, functional flats and sherbert-esque bikini. (via @beigerengade)


5. The Essentials: With a sun hat, shades and a good read, you can be the boss of any beach day. Just don’t forget that sunscreen! (via @saracmartin)


6. Stylin’ One-Piece: If you’ve got this ocean-inspired one-piece, you might not need anything else. Although the cool beach blanket and lipgloss couldn’t hurt. (via @despibeachwear)


7. Beach Couture: Whether you’re heading to Vegas or Ibiza, these essentials will bring the style with you. We want that quilted black leather hat. (via @millvilltrill)


8. Sombrero Hangin’: Why settle on a tiny sun hat when you can don a giant, sun-screening sombrero? Now all this beach-goer needs is a margarita in hand. (via @udarbegl)


9. Bright + Gilded: Bright colors and gold are kinda our thing. This gal’s beach bag is totally trendy. (via @arissalovesart)


10. Straw for Days: We spy with our little eyes The Roundie ($99)! Sometimes a bangin’ beach blanket is all the style you need for your sandy adventures. (via @islehrvrs)


11. Monogram Everything: Monogram everything is never a bad thing. And with those aviators, gilded sandals and oodles of sun protection, this beach lover is more than ready for some surf and sand. (via @qtpiekelso)


12. Beauty/Beach Bag: When you spend hours in the sun, you need ALL of those beauty products. Snacks and water are also must-haves! (via@ratitehrisingh)

What’s in your beach bag this summer? Spill the deets below or tag @britandco on Instagram with the hashtag #whatsinmybeachbag to let us know!