It kinda feels like the folks behind both Oreos and the M&Ms are in competition for the wackiest versions in the treat world. Some sound absolutely delish, like Blueberry Pie Oreos, Fruity Crisp Oreos and M&M’s Boo-terscotch. Others are totally questionable, such as Peeps Oreos, Candy Corn Oreos and Swedish Fish Oreos (yep, those all really exist). And now it looks like White Cheesecake M&Ms are the next candy innovation to tempt our sweet tooth.

In a pic tweeted by Front Page Buzz, we’re given a glimpse of the package, which shows three different kinds of candy — white, pink and cream — all which must combine to create the desired cheesecake-y flavor.

Though there are no deets on when these will be released (or if they’re already available somewhere), from the rose on the front, we’re going to assume these will pop up around Valentine’s Day, or maybe even for the rose-giving Bachelor finale. We could definitely see ourselves eating handfuls of these while bawling our eyes out over (and screaming at) the rose ceremony.

Whenever we get our hands on ‘em, if they capture that cheesecake taste we love so well, these could be our new fave candies.

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(h/t HelloGiggles)