The Ultimate White Elephant Gift Guide: 60 Extremely Unusual Gifts
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The Ultimate White Elephant Gift Guide: 60 Extremely Unusual Gifts

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We pride ourselves — okay, maybe just I pride myself on being able to find the most random things on the Internet. This skill inspired one of our favorite ongoing series on the site, The BritList. Well, what better time than the holidays to get seriously random on the gift front? For all those white elephant, yankee swap, and dirty Santa holiday parties, have we got the gift guide for you. Presenting the best (read: weirdest) buyable items from the BritList, also known as The Ultimate White Elephant Gift Guide!

1. Nicolas Cage Pillow Covers ($15): Wow. Just. Wow. And this isn’t even a weird Etsy find – these (four of them!) are available on Amazon.

2. Hedgehog Dryer Buddies ($7): Throw these little buddies into the dryer to helpo remove wrinkles, control static and fluff your laundry.

3. Pillows for Gamers ($20): How amazing are these pillows? It was really tough to choose which ones to feature. Add to your geek gift list for sure.

4. PolaRoll ($26): It’s a toilet paper holder that looks like a Polaroid camera. Done and done.

5. Soft Serve Door Stop ($13): We’re just happy that’s not a real cone of soft serve.

6. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): The perfect gift for all those cat and dog ladies out there.


7. Pizza Sleeping Bag ($200): What do we really need to say about this one? It’s a pizza-shaped sleeping bag with veggie throw pillows. Buy it.

8. Custom Emoji Print + Digital Download ($110+): Spice up your walls and step up your texting game at the same time with an emojified custom portrait!

9. Unicorn Castle T-Shirt ($20): Umm, this t-shirt is just awesome all around.

10. 40 Pounds of Lucky Charm Marshmallows ($164): Amazon is an endless treasure trove of unexpectedness, and this 40 LB bag of dehydrated marshmallows is our latest delicious find.

11. 26-Pound Gummy Party Python ($150): Who knew the words gummy, party, and python could be together at last?


12. Cat Shot Glasses ($20): These feline shot glasses are a fun way to serve beverages all day long.


13. Silly Straws ($9): Remember silly straws? You can build entire systems dedicated to beverage consumption, reminiscent of Mouse Trap.

14. iFlask ($30): Liquor disguise tactics have reached a whole new level with this flask that looks just like an iPhone.

15. Lip Flask ($6): Pucker up! It’s tequila time!

16. Happy Juice Freaker ($10): Keep your beer cool (and happy) with this bright freaker.

17. Shot Flask ($25): We were so obsessed with this when it came out in 2012 that we gifted one to everyone on staff at last year’s holiday party!


18. White Horse Head Mask ($32) Is it just us, or are animal-themed wearables having a serious moment? We’ve got a cat, dog and a fish mask, too!

19. Grumpy Cat T-Shirt ($20): Because Grumpy Cat is still a total all-star.

20. X-Ray Knee High Socks ($11): No bones about it. You get multiple double-takes while walking around in these bad boys.

21. Santa Tee ($12): Rock around the Christmas tree in this oh so comfy tee!


22. Push Pin Earrings ($5): Creepy or awesome? We’re on the fence, but we think Tracey Flick would definitely approve.

23. Beer Shorts ($37): Shorts with built-in cozies? Save these for summer 2014.

24. Travel Hoodie Pillow ($20): Remember when we featured the hoodie pillow? Now it comes in travel size! Amazing. Almost amazing as this dude who looks like the product of Ben Affleck + Luis Guzmán.

25. Talking Bellies ($6): Wait, wtf? This is seriously the worst.

26. Inflatable Unicorn Horn for People ($7): As the product title suggests, this is an inflatable unicorn horn for people. We’re not sure that the “for people” part is necessary but we’re really digging how easily you can take it on the go. Wait, what?

27. Custom Mix Tape Pillow ($35): Now you can turn your favorite song into a unique accent pillow!

28. Campfire Cologne ($13): You know you’ve had a good weekend of roughing it when you come back to the city smelling of campfire. But what about when you want that smell at home? Campfire Cologne!


29. Notification Memo ($10): Um, these are definitely our new favorite post-it notes. Available in 1-9, they mimic smartphone notifications, and are just as visually annoying!

30. Get Sh*t Done ($16): Get after it!

31. Paperback Notepad ($7): Sticky notes for your iPhone? Genius! Grocery and to-do lists will never be the same.

32. Mail Icon Paper Sleeves ($30): These adorable icon sleeves are made to protect your tablet, smartphone, and computer, and match each other perfectly.

33. Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard ($20): The more Nicolas cage, the merrier.

34. Thermal Battery Mug ($17): Keep yourself charged up with a cup of joe and make sure that battery is always full.

35. DIY At-At Cable Organizer ($30): Because we all have a Star Wars lovin’ coworker out there.




36. Bacon Ankle Socks ($6): Show your love for bacon in the most stylish way.

37. “Bubble Wrap” Oven Mitt ($18): We’re loving this strange and beautiful item from the MoMA store. And don’t worry – it’s not actually made out of bubble wrap :)

38. Muffin Top Cupcake Molds ($13): These are just mean.

39. Splash Chopping Board ($25): We can’t decide if this feels like something out of Dexter, but we love how it looks with a whole bunch of tomatoes just waiting to be chopped.

40. Unicorn Sprinkle Shaker ($12): First question: Why aren’t sprinkles a standard seasoning on your kitchen table? Okay, that’s actually our only question.

41. Trongs ($20): Finally, you can eat ribs without messing up your mani!

42. Fireball Marshmallows ($8): Bringing the hot with these spicy marshmallows made with Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.

43. Sunnyside Egg Shaper ($12): Sunny side up, for real.

44. 3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters ($12): They give you all the parts to make your own 3D dino!!

45. 50 Shades of Chicken ($20): Exactly what you think. A well-written and informative mockery of 50 Shades of Grey, packed with, you guessed it, 50 chicken recipes, “each more seductive than the last, in a book that makes every dinner a turn-on.”

46. Banana Slicer ($4): From one Amazon reviewer: Then, after a fit of banana-induced rage, my parole officer introduced me to this kitchen marvel and my life was changed. No longer consumed by seething anger and animosity towards thick-skinned yellow fruit, I was able to concentrate on my love of theatre and am writing a musical play about two lovers from rival gangs that just try to make it in the world. I think I’ll call it South Side Story.

47. Pencil Sharpener Veggie Peeler ($3): Old school supplies head to the kitchen in the form of this clever peeler.


48. Magic Pencil Earphones ($30): An office-supply-themed take on the classic arrow through the head gag? We love it.

49. Hand Crank Cell Phone Charger ($60): Why not burn a few calories while powering up your cell phone? Now, if only there was a treadmill desk that powered your computer…

50. Banana Handset ($10): Aside from being awesome, this banana handset is sure to give our old pop phone a run for the money.

51. Star Wars R2D2 String Lights ($32): May the force be with you and anyone else who gets this awesome R2D2 light set.

52. iPhone Mirror Back ($19): The aluminum back on the new iPhone makes it way difficult to pretend your iPhone is a mirror, right? This backplate is the perfect thing for picking spinach out of our teeth :)


53. Inflatable Fast Food ($5): Finally, fast food that you inflate instead of fast food that inflates you.

54. Chumbuddy ($230): Haven’t you always wanted to nestle up in a shark? Celebrate the end of Shark Week by treating yourself or a friend to this hilarious sleeping bag.

55. LED Glitter Christmas Tree Shades ($8): Rock around the Christmas tree wearing LED Glitter Christmas Tree Shades this year!

56. Gigantic Donut Float ($21): Why didn’t donut floats exist when we were kids?

57. Guinea Pig Face T-Shirt ($20): This tee screams social awkwardness. And we love it!

58. Unusual Bookmarks ($20-$25): Morbid, creepy, and awesome. Which one do you like best? The Wicked WitchClassic Loubutinsglittery gold heels, or Santa?

59. Bathroom Guest Book ($15): No ordinary guest book, this throne-room tome offers provocative prompts and ample doodle space to help your guests express themselves for posterity.

60. Buddy Bumper Ball ($40): The most recent “product” request from the engineering department here at Brit + Co, these buddy bumper balls would promote an interesting take on team bonding. Maybe we need them at this year’s holiday party!

What awesome white elephant gifts have you given or received over the years? Anything we should add to this list? Aside from the Shake-Weight of course? Talk to us in the comments below.