Ready to think outside of the (chocolate) box for Valentine’s Day gifts? We know how much you guys love our white elephant gift guide every Xmas, so we’re bringing it back for Cupid. You know we’re *also* fans of extra-awesome presents around here — like, say, 3D printed roses delivered to your sweetie’s door. So to carry on one of our favorite traditions, we’ve combed the web for unexpected, adorable and downright bizarre VDay gifts that will definitely make your boo smile. Keep reading for 30 ideas that will be SURE to surprise your special someone this February 14.


1. Selk-bag Original Sleeping Bag ($159): Now you can spoon with no fear of cover-hogging. Also, this brings matching couple outfits to a whole new level.


2. Edible Card ($9): Now you can have your Valentine’s Day card and eat it, too!


3. I Love You Toast Stamper ($3): This stamp will add that special silly touch to your romantic breakfast in bed.


4. Candy Heart Sweater ($60): So we should definitely make ugly VDay sweater parties a thing… right?


5. Superman Cufflinks ($19): So that your fella will feel just a little more badass when he dresses up for a night on the town.


6. Muffin Tops Baking Cups ($15): Show your boo just how much you love their love handles — with muffin-top cupcake molds. Duh.


7. The Smitten ($38): Just in case you REALLY need to hold hands while out in the cold.


8. I’ll Guac Your World Tee ($20): Guac dirty to me, baby.


9. Perfect Cookie Cutter ($6): Here’s an idea: Gift these cute cutters along with a batch of doppelgänger cookies!


10. Belfie Stick ($80): Now your special someone can make a selfie (er, belfie) book for you, just like Kim did.


11. Best Bitches Split Heart Pendant ($11): Are you celebrating Galentine’s Day this year? Break out this three-way BFF necklace for a no-fail gift.


12. I F’N Love You! Candle ($18): Especially naked.


13. Bacon Ankle Socks ($6): Bacon socks to cover your fella’s little piggies!


14. Joust Pool Game ($30): There’s nothing like some healthy competition to keep your love life alive, amirite?


15. Love You More Than WiFi ($10): Now that’s twenty-first century romance, ladies and gents.


16. Boo Boo Kisses Bandages ($5): Because we all know that kisses actually do make boo boos feel better.


17. Snuggie Up Tuxedo + Evening Gown ($15): Date night in? Snuggle up in style with these fancy-shmancy Snuggies.


18. Salami Bouquet ($50): When in doubt, say it with… salami. Can’t lose.


19. I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You ($14): We can’t think of a sweeter gift to give your Galentine.


20. Heated Huggable Unicorn ($31): When you’re not there to keep your SO warm at night, this little dude will be.


21. Flirtmoji Tee ($22): Emoticon gods, how can we make this an official emoji?! Need. Now.


22. Tub Elixir ($28): This unisex body wash by Manready Mercantile is sure to make things steamy in that co-bubble bath you’re brewin’ ;)


23. Tie Breaker Coins ($12): Got yourself a stubborn love? Break out these coins whenever y’all need help coming to a truce.


24. Plush One Pillow in Sloth ($45): This big guy is almost as romantic as Dax Shepard’s gift to Kristen Bell. Almost.


25. M-Y Fronts ($26): These customizable undies need no explanation. Just… yeah.


26. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): What better way to say “I love you” than with a custom pillow of your pet?! Head over to the B+C Shop to design your own.


27. Let’s Be Lazy Pillowcase Set ($34): The couple who naps together, stays together.


28. Fortune Cakes Cupcake Molds ($12): Are you baking a batch of cupcakes for your better half this VDay? These adorable cupcake molds will add an extra-sweet surprise to the treat.


29. Baconluxious Bar — 3-Bar Set ($15): Finally, a much-needed update to the classic (and dare we say obligatory) chocolate valentine’s gift.


30. 50 Shades of Grey Print ($31): Three cheers for the sexiest — and nerdiest — pun poster we’ve seen in a while.

What sort of silly stuff will you be gifting this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!