Whether you’ve resolved to start eating cleaner or you’ve been adhering to that lifestyle for a while, great Whole30 dinner recipes are like gold. Warm winter salads are super tasty, but if you want something a smidge more comforting, hearty winter soups come in *very* handy. They’re absolutely delicious, full of nourishing ingredients, and most importantly, they won’t derail the healthy progress you’re making. Take a look at the Whole30-friendly soup recipes we discovered and you’ll be set all winter long.


1. Gluten Free Zuppa Toscana: If you’ve ever been to Olive Garden, you’ve probably had its famous Zuppa Toscana soup, only it’s not gluten-free or Whole30. Try preparing this in your slow cooker to make it even easier. (via Noshtastic)


2. Chicken Avocado Lime Soup: You’re craving Mexican but don’t want to derail your new healthy lifestyle. This soup will come to the rescue with all of your favorite flavors and none of the guilt… just make sure you skip the tortilla chips and other optional toppings. (via Cooking Classy)


3. Curried Cauliflower Rice Kale Soup: You’ll *definitely* be coming back for seconds of this aromatic soup. Next time you’re craving takeout, toss the menu and make this instead. Your body will thank you. (via Cotter Crunch)


4. Harvest Stew With Smoked Sausage: Sometimes you crave a bowl of hot soup but want something more substantial that you can actually chew. For those days, dive into a bowl of hearty stew with seasonal veggies and smoked sausage. (via The Cozy Apron)


5. Little Green Goddess Soup: When your skin is looking a little dull and you’re feeling less than your best, a cup of green goddess soup will do you good. Top with tahini, coconut milk, and toasted seeds for an extra layer of flavor. (via The Little Green Spoon)


6. Italian Beef and Cauliflower Rice Soup: This Italian soup is SO full of flavor, you’ll think you’re eating at a fancy restaurant. Save yourself a step and use frozen cauliflower rice in a pinch. (via Little Bits of…)


7. Low-Carb Bacon Avocado Soup: How could you turn down soup that has bacon AND avocado? It’s a creamy, salty, and smoky Whole30 masterpiece. (via That’s Low Carb?)


8. Mexican Meatball Soup With Butternut Squash: The great thing about creating your own soup is that you can experiment with flavors however you like. Doing that gets you incredible recipes like this unusual, but supremely delicious, Mexican meatball soup. (via The Organic Kitchen Blog and Tutorials)


9. Homemade Gluten-Free Cream of Chicken Soup: This versatile recipe provides you with a healthy version of a classic soup that you can eat as is or incorporate into other dishes. The best part is that there are no nasty additives like in the canned stuff. (via Noshtastic)


10. Roasted Asparagus, Cauliflower, and Mushroom Soup: This fresh tasting puréed soup is a welcome change from the heavy stews of winter. Basil and lemon add a bright flavor that’ll wake up any dreary day. (via Wholesomelicious)


11. Spicy Crock-Pot Pumpkin Soup: Soup is amazing in the winter, but it’s even better when you can use your slow cooker to prepare it. For even more heat, up the jalapeño amount… if you dare. (via Eat the Grains)


12. Crock-Pot Paleo Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili: When the weather is frigid, you want a dish that’s going to warm you up *and* keep you full. What’s better for that task than a spicy sweet potato chili? (via Cotter Crunch)


13. Thai Meatball and Egg Drop Soup: Give classic egg drop soup a spicy Thai kick with delicious meatballs and chiles. You can’t go wrong with this one because it’s Paleo, Whole30, and low carb. (via A Saucy Kitchen)

14. Peruvian Aguadito: It doesn’t matter how dedicated you are to your lifestyle, sometimes you just get a hankering for an adventurous meal. To help satisfy those cravings, introduce yourself to the flavors of Peru. This fragrant soup is a beautifully balanced blend of chicken, cilantro, quinoa, and peas. (via Supergolden Bakes)

15. Taco Soup: Cooking for a Whole30 lifestyle can be time-consuming and we know you miss takeout sometimes. However, this recipe is the next best thing. All you have to do is throw handfuls of ingredients into your Crock-Pot and walk away. When you return, dinner is served. (via Clean Eating Recipes)

16. Hamburger Soup: When you’re eating Whole30, hamburgers can become a challenge (hello, sesame seed buns). This soup, on the other hand, lets you indulge in that beloved American staple without having to relinquish your pride and eat a hamburger patty with a knife and fork. (via Tasty Thin)

17. Cream of Broccoli Soup: Filled with plenty of veggies and nutrient-dense bone broth, this soup can be served warm or chilled. Plus it’s a beautiful color which will make any meal you serve it with infinitely more enjoyable. (via The Movement Menu)

18. Thai Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup: Even though you normally forego cheese, the memories of creamy, cheesy warm dishes are tantalizing. This soup will satisfy your need for creamy without derailing your lifestyle. (via Nerds with Knives)

19. Pumpkin Chicken Chili: Rather than fight the ubiquitous introduction of pumpkin into every food imaginable, embrace it. No, we’re not saying indulge in a PSL — try pumpkin in chili instead. Just make sure to use fresh rather than canned pumpkin. It makes all the difference. (via The Clean Eating Couple)

20. Roasted Red Pepper Bisque With Shrimp: Spicy shrimp cut through the creaminess of this soup to create a balanced, healing bisque that will be welcome on any day that is less than perfect. (via Cotter Crunch)

21. White Chicken Chili With Sweet Potato: Have you had sweet potato in your chili yet? If you haven’t, you’re going to be thrilled with that sweet tinge infused in every warm bite. (via Paleo Running Momma)

22. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup: When you’re in the mood for a dish brimming with the flavors of the season, here is your answer. Not to mention, it’s so easy to make. (via Stupid Easy Paleo)

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(Additional reporting by Jessi Devenyns)