That's right. 500 bucks! And all thanks to the folks behind our Buxom Photo Contest. Buxom wants to see how you live life vividly, and they've asked us to help get you inspired. For full contest details click here, but here's the gist:

1. Open up your pictures folder, Facebook page or Instagram feed and find photos that capture you living life vividly.

2. Head to Flickr and upload up to 3 photos and tag them with BuxomPhotoContestHelloBrit.

3. Mark your photos as public, and include captions on how they capture living life vividly.

4. Post a Flickr link to your photo in the comments below (or on the contest page).

What do you win? In addition to an awesome collection of makeup from Buxom's brand new collection, the winner gets a $500 Visa Gift Card, good to use on just about anything! If you read this site, you should probably enter this contest – it's all about living creatively, adventurously, and vividly. And dudes, your girlfriend, sister, wife or mom is the perfect candidate for the makeup part of the prize.

If you're a sucker for color, you've likely already seen our posts on How to Hair Chalk and 3 Ways to Repurpose Eyeshadow, but living life vividly is about so much more than playing with color in creative ways.

When we think about what we might do with 500 bucks, we can't help but think of summer adventures. Whether you've got two weeks, two months, or two days, summer is all about running around in the sunshine, flying, driving, and bussing to brand new spots, and getting totally silly with the people you love. And taking lots and lots of creative photos, of course. ;)

Use the cash for a last minute boating weekend in Tahoe, a surprise trip to your parents' house, or a solo getaway to the California coast. Or add the 500 bucks to your general travel fund, and be sure to check out our Roadtrip Roundup and Travel Tech posts for the easiest ways to get your travel on. And, because we know you've likely already had a few adventures along the way, we're dying to see your best 3 photos via our Buxom Photo Contest.

As you can see, Brit's partial to jumping photos on all of her adventures. Here she is in front of Half Dome at Yosemite.

In Jackson Hole with her hubby.

In Southern Argentina in front of a majestic set of glaciers.

And in Patagonia.

We hope these photos inspire you to enter the contest, and to live life more vividly. We can't wait to see your best pics. Let us know if you have any questions about the contest in the comments below. Three cheers for summer adventures!

This series is brought to you by Buxom Color Choreography Eyeshadow. Buxom wants to inspire you to live life vividly.