Did you celebrate National Caviar Day Saturday with a plate and Amy Schumer鈥檚Trainwreck? Because we did. Okay, so maybe we didn鈥檛 have any caviar, but we totally indulged in multiple ice cream treats for National Ice Cream Day while watching Clueless for its 20th Anniversary yesterday. What can we say? We had to cure the Sunday blues with a sundae and a 鈥90s flick ;) Luckily, this week will be far from awful because there鈥檚 plenty to celebrate. Today happens to be National Lollipop Day (how many licks 鈥檛il you get to the center?), tomorrow is National Junk Food Day (aka every day), Wednesday is Hammock Day (go ahead, relax) and Thursday is National Hot Dog Day (we鈥檝e got buns, hun!). In between that buffet of sweets and not-the-best-for-you food, sadly you鈥檝e gotta squeeze in work and commuting. Check out the five essentials to transform those rides from dull to bearable below.

chipotle friend or faux

1. Chipotle Friend or Faux: Apparently this week is all about food (not that we mind). Chipotle, who just gave us back our beloved carnitas, is keeping the charitable feels going with a web game for the chance to WIN FREE CHIPOTLE. This is not a drill. Starting Tuesday, hungry fans will be able to guess which foods have fake ingredients and which consist of authentic ones while vying for a chance to get some free Chipotle grub. We see you subtly calling out other food spots, Chipotle. We鈥檙e not totally sure how you claim those freebies, but you better believe we鈥檒l be finding out with the rest of you on our ride to work Tuesday AM.

2. 鈥淐ommunion鈥 by Years + Years (Available on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes + Spotify): Fingers crossed you鈥檝e already heard of this crazy creative + talented British electronica/pop trio, because they鈥檙e bound to blow up c/o their recently released studio album. If the band鈥檚 trippy-yet-clever video for their super catchy single 鈥淜ing鈥 somehow hasn鈥檛 popped up on your music radar, do yourself a favor and give the song + their album a stream on your way into the office and again on your way home. Full of energetic and mellow earworms, this impressive group is going for greatness. Now head to their altar and listen to 鈥淐ommunion鈥 right this second.

yes no messenger app

3. Yes/No Messenger (Free on Android + iOS): Sick of 鈥淲anna go to X for dinner?鈥 and 鈥淎re we working out tonight?鈥 followed by an elaborate back-and-forth with your spouse, roommate, BFF etc.? This messaging app will streamline all those convos, making your post-commute activities a breeze to plan with a simple 鈥淵es鈥 or 鈥淣o鈥 button press. If you鈥檙e looking for group input, you can do that too. All you have to do is ask that Y/N Q, send it to the friends you need responses from and tally those answers up. Less debating, more efficiency. A win for everyone involved.

the waiting game

4. The Waiting Game (Available on iTunes + SoundCloud): If you鈥檝e ever shouted 鈥淲hat am I doing with my life?!鈥 while questioning whether you should quit your nine-to-five to pursue that five-to-nine passion project, you must check out this podcast produced by Jake Smith. Subscribe to the weekly show and listen to NY-based comedians Jesse Galle + Janie Stolar chat with a weekly guest who is pursuing their passion and working that full-time gig to see how they do it all (or do they?). Offering up insight into the balancing act that comes with a full-time career and making time for that personal venture, the funny + honest convos reveal everything from failures to successes and even further ambitions. Get ready to feel simultaneously empowered and scared all at once.

rewind app

5. Rewind (Free on iOS): If you love documenting your days with endless selfies, Snapchats and more, then you should DL this photo-sharing app immediately. Your friends and family (and creepers?) can easily get a visual synopsis of your past 24 hours by rewinding through it in a flipbook style. Depending on how often you snap moments in your day, those closest to you could see you from waking up to lunch and even the gym before bed (and so many more moments in between). Kinda cool, kinda creepy 鈥 your call.

How will you be powering through this week鈥檚 commute? Share your essentials in the comments.

(Photo via @chipotlemexicangrill)