Let鈥檚 make some wishes come true! Having you been eyeing up some online classes for a while now? Perfect, because this sweepstake has your name on it.

From now until December 17, head to our sweepstakes page to choose 10 online classes you鈥檇 love to take. We鈥檒l be making three lucky winners鈥 wishes come true.

So how does it work? See the directions below, and you鈥檒l find more info on the Official Rules page.

Note that from a class page, you won鈥檛 be able to wish for a class. So make sure to always head back to THIS PAGE to make your wish selections.

Once you鈥檝e selected the 10 classes you鈥檇 like to enroll in, just sit back, relax, and wait to hear from us. We鈥檒l announce three winners in this post, and each winner will be contacted via email as well.

Need to edit your wishlist? No prob! It鈥檚 super easy. Just hover over your name at the top right corner when you鈥檙e in the Brit + Co Shop, and you鈥檒l see a Wishlist option in the drop-down. From this page, you鈥檒l be able to review the classes you鈥檝e wished for and delete any you鈥檇 like to exclude. But hey, put as many in there as you鈥檇 like!

Good luck and get wishing! Three winners will be announced on 12/18.