We’re just gonna come out and say it: NOTHING beats a good summertime grill. With the weather getting warmer by the day, we are itching to fire up our grills and sink our teeth into some savory delights. We’re psyched to try out some new meals, from pulled pork recipes to vegan grill recipes. But what to pair with our favorite grilled meats? Wine, of course. Here are the perfect pairings you should consider serving around the grill this summer.

Obviously, you’re going to notice some trends here. Super-light meats such as white fish and grilled chicken are going to pair best with a light, crispy Sauvignon Blanc. Meanwhile, poultry and fish that’s just a tad heavier — think salmon or pork chops — is going to taste amazing alongside an oaky, slightly more buttery white wine, like Chardonnay. In the middle (both in terms of meat heaviness and wine color) is the delicious tuna + Rosé pairing.

For all the red wine lovers out there, your best meat choice is clearly going to be a darker meat. Pinot Noir, particularly a fruity vintage, will go great with ground turkey. Duck will pair nicely with a good Zinfandel, and steaks and burgers are going to be perfect with a bombastic, highly flavorful wine like Cabernet Sauvignon or Grenache.

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