We’re right in the heart of winter, and it’s already been a long, snow activity-filled season. But the surest way to stay positive is to appreciate all the good things that come along with the chilliest season, like fancy hot cocoa, fireplaces and DIY date nights at home. So instead of trying to beat the winter blues, join ’em with these 12 must-haves.


1. Bonnie and Neil Hand Painted Stripe Coral Blue Pillow ($125): Pops of two shades of blue alongside vivid, beachy hues make this throw pillow a great way to add some cool tones to your winter decor game. Imagine it tucked in the corner of your couch or propped up front and center on your bed lookin’ real pretty.


2. Seletti North America Ltd. Pantone Metal Storage Box ($22): You can add some blue to your life and get organized at the same time with this designer-approved box. This little guy makes for great desk decor — it’s ideal for holding a slew of writing utensils and stray papers.


3. Organization Essentials Utility Tin ($20): If you need something a little bigger than a tin to get your mess in order, this utility box is the answer to your prayers. Pack it full of all of your clutter and tuck it away in a corner — all the essentials will still be at hand, just hidden away in this pretty box instead of on display for your guests.


4. Ofina Druzy Prong Studs ($58): If you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel for your next excuse to buy more jewelry, matching your accessories with your winter sentiment will do just fine. And judging by how pretty these studs are, you’ll be wearing them well past winter.


5. Fluffy Co. Easy Tiger T-Shirt ($30): Everyone gets a little edgy when winter weather hangs out for a little too long (aka right about now). This tee will remind everyone, including yourself, to calm down and enjoy the season before the humid summer has you wishing for snow.


6. Isobell Designs Paso Necklace ($46): If you want to go the blue jewelry route but earrings aren’t really your thing, then this necklace is for you. It’s simple yet stunning, and will be a classy addition to any ensemble.


7. Boom Movement Swimmer Waterproof Speaker ($60): When winter really gets us down, sometimes the only thing we can do is plan for summer. If you’re already thinking about your next pool party, this waterproof speaker is a must-have addition to your early 2016 months.


8. Brit + Co Laser Cut Statement Necklace Kit ($25): Forget simply buying jewelry — make it yourself with this statement necklace kit. If you kind feel like you need a break from the blues, there’s also a lavender version available.


9. Printed Village Turquoise Happi Hat ($18): This hat is stylish, super warm and just the right color nod to winter. We love the warmer, more ocean-y direction the blue tones take. There isn’t a soul on earth that could do without a little Caribbean-inspired hue in their winter wardrobe.


10. Found by B+C California Blue Wig ($21): If you’ve got a night out with the girls on the docket, make it a night to remember by painting the town red (or in this case, blue) with all the fun you’ll have sporting sassy wigs for absolutely no reason at all.


11. Bracket Birthday Headbands ($22): Hosting a friend’s winter birthday party or want to surprise your gal pal during birthday drinks? This pack of ten birthday headbands will take the festivities up a notch by putting the spotlight on the birthday girl.


12. Avril Loreti Bubbles Art Print ($20): Add some blue to your wall art game without bringing down the mood with this balanced print. The playful bubble shapes are wonderfully whimsical.

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