Having a snowy wedding might not be for everyone, but you know what looks really good with snow? Gold sequins. And hot red lips. And luxe faux fur shrugs. If you’re looking for glamour, a winter wedding is just the thing you need. Since you’ve got a white backdrop to work with, you’ll want accessories that sparkle and pop. From cute mittens to shiny gold crowns, we’ve got 16 ideas to help accessorize the prettiest winter wonderland wedding.


1. Golden Sequins: Wear something super sparkly during the reception for some stunning photo ops. Pair it with black tights and a black scarf to stay warm and classy. (via Jacqueline Elizabeth Photography)


2. Puppy Love: Forget man’s best friend. What girl wouldn’t want her pooch alongside her on the big day? Especially when he’s wearing a festive little wreath. (via Elizabeth Ann Designs)


3. Pretty Mittens: Wear your heart on your… mittens. Talk about a cute way to stay warmand show some love. (via Orange Girl Photography)


4. Red Lips: Bold lips as an accessory? We think yes. Besides, a wintry white wedding is the perfect opportunity to try some majorly red lips. (via Jessica Christie)


5. Edgy Pieces: Add some edge to your look with a pretty triangle headpiece. Also, how gorgeous and feminine are those long lacy sleeves? (via Tyler Rye Photography)


6. Comfy Shoes: If you’re taking portraits before or after the reception, give your feet a break and bring some comfy shoes to change into. Bonus points if they’re sparkly or gold. (via Katie Jane Photography)


7. Fluffy Shrug: You can’t go wrong with fur — we’re partial to the faux variety, of course. It keeps you warm and looks totally luxurious and regal. (via Kate Weinstein Photo)


8. Clear Umbrella: Save your hair and makeup with an umbrella. A clear one almost gives the illusion that you’re kissing in a snow globe. (via Tina Jay Photography)


9. Fur Coats: Brown (faux) fur coats and gray dresses make a gorgeous winter wedding color palette for your bridesmaids. (via Braun Photography)


10. Fingerless Gloves: If you want to keep your hands warm but also show off that pretty manicure, why not try some whimsical fingerless gloves? (via Orange Girl Photographs)


11. Diamond Headpiece: A headband doesn’t have to look boho, especially if it’s as blingin’ as this one. (via Abby Kyhl/AK Studio & Design)


12. Groom Attire: A winter wedding is the perfect place to have fun with bright pops of color. Your groom definitely won’t fade into the background with a bold burgundy suit jacket like this one. (via Erin Johnson Photography)


13. Crown of Greenery: Bring in rustic elements with a simple, leafy headpiece. You can also go with a bit of green and wintry florals for a flower crown that’ll make you feel like a princess. (via Amber Lynn Photography)


14. Blankets for All: If you’re brave enough to have the wedding outside, give the whole bridal party some blankets (in the right color scheme, of course) to keep everyone smiling during the ceremony. (via Benj Haisch Photography)


15. Cozy Bouquet: With a winter wedding you just can’t go wrong with an all-white bouquet. But what we really love is that this bouquet is bundled up in a fluffy sweater too. (via Jenna Hill/WhiteWood Studios)


16. Colorful Footwear: Skip the heels entirely in favor of comfy, colorful — and most importantly, waterproof — boots under your dress. (via Stefy Hilmer Photography)

What would your perfect winter wedding look like? Mittens, blankets and log cabins or gold sequins and fur coats? Talk to us in the comments below!